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Polish alternative rock trio Orbita Wiru dropped their new three-track EP »Czcigodnie«

Warsaw, Poland based alternative rock trio Orbita Wiru has just released their new three-track EP »Czcigodnie« on November 16th, 2023, available now in digital format.

01. Czcigodnie
02. Kawa, Kawa, Kawa
03. Nie Wierzę Politykom

Courtesy of Solid Rock PR:

Orbita Wiru is a Warsaw-based rock band, performing a strong variation of this genre from the borderline of alternative and metal. The music of the band is a rock explosion generated by a three-man mechanism drawing from different regions of music. The uncompromising nature of the simple rhythm, the power of the guitars, the piercingness of the voice – the whole is a consistently pulsating sound machine.

The band has released four albums: »Wiru Sfera« (2006), »Relikwiat« (2009), »My Machines« (2013) and »Hipis2020« (2020). The band’s fifth album is nearing completion, and its trailers are three three-song EPs placed on streaming services: »Rodeo« (2022), »Kosmateus« (2023) and new »Czcigodnie« (2023).

»Czcigodnie« EP is the final stage in the declassification of the new Orbita Wiru material. The fifth album is being created in the band’s Empty Studio and is emotionally a post-pandemic effect of locking bodies and minds in the small space of the rehearsal room. We present three more songs, three new thoughts, three sound auras:

• »Czcigodnie« (eng. Honorable)
Always think of yourself and treat yourself honorably. Without falling into selfishness and sad sentimentality, let’s think about the time that is still given to us and look proudly in the mirror. Inevitability is closing in on us too quickly to waste precious moments worrying about someone else’s frustrations. Self-esteem is something that no one can take away from us.

• »Kawa, Kawa, Kawa« (eng. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee)
An energy bomb for the mind, an initiator of actions, a killer of many hearts. Our beloved drug, without which most people are unable to take a step forward in a new day. The spirit of a film hero that is iconic to us (OW) is woven into the idea of this song.

• »Nie Wierzę Politykom« (eng. I Don’t Believe Politicians)
Tomek Lipiński’s anthem in our musically enriched interpretation. An important and important topic in the public space today. A thorn in the side of a nation that expects so much from the current changes. Will the idea of the text remain unchanged…? There is a high probability of this.

Streaming at YouTube | Spotify

Tomasz Serwatko – Vocals, Guitar
Maciej Walencik – Drums
Sebastian Górski – Bass

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