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Sinister Downfall’s third full-length album »The Last Witness« out now via Funere and Weird Truth Productions

German one-man funeral doom metal band Sinister Downfall unleash his third full-length album, »The Last Witness«, which was just released this Saturday, September 24th, 2022 via Funere (Armenia) and Weird Truth Productions (Japan). Official distribution by Satanath Records.

01. Souls Enslaved
02. Into The Cold Ground
03. Eyes Forever Closed
04. Marble Slab
05. The Last Witness

Melancholic, post-apocalyptic funeral doom from Germany.

Low, heavy guitar riffs invite listeners to join the mourning procession, feel the grief, and plunge into the cold darkness of death, from which there is no way back. And only the “last witness” of a past life will stand at the gate of the final sanctuary. »The Last Witness« is the third album by German Funeral Doom band Sinister Downfall, released in September 24th, 2022.

Order »The Last Witness« here:

Recorded at Misanthropic Studios.
Photography / cover design by DunkleStille.

Sinister Downfall is:
Eugen Kohl (Coven Spell, Crypt Witch, Devil Leaf) – Everything

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