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Swedish classic doom metal act Doomherre to release debut album »Bonegoat« this Friday via their own imprint Skatbo Records!

Stockholm, Sweden based classic doom metal trio Doomherre will release their debut album »Bonegoat« this Friday, October 27th, 2023 via their own imprint Skatbo Records.

Watch lyric videos for the first two singles »Bonegoat« and »Forgotten One« below!

01. Bonegoat
02. We’ve Come For The Witch
03. Sabbatsberg
04. Forgotten One
05. Breaking The Seal
06. Circle Of Blood
07. Spreading The Sounds Of Doom
08. Man In The Tower

Courtesy of vladPRomotion:

Stockholm, Sweden – Doomherre, the seasoned (yet very much alive) Swedish doom metal trio, has scheduled the release of their debut full-length album, »Bonegoat«, for October 27th, 2023. Will be available on CD, LP and Digital.

“He is the Jim Jones, the James Boon, the Randall Flag, the Manson, the politician, the tycoon …he is the Bonegoat.”

The title track, »Bonegoat«, sets the tone for the rest of the album. Eight rock-solid doom tunes, where time seems to slow, and every note carries weight. While primarily rooted in the classic doom metal tradition (such as The Obsessed, Candlemass and Celtic Frost), the album also features moments of intensity and faster tempos.

Two tracks from the album, »Bonegoat« and »Forgotten One«, have already been released on streaming platforms and have garnered significant recognition. The track »Bonegoat« has been described by Wikimetal as “deliciously old school, dark, and mysterious” while KeepItRock likened it to “today’s Metallica fused with ’70s Sabbath”.

Doomherre’s journey to create »Bonegoat« has been a DIY endeavor from start to finish. The band recorded the album themselves and took the bold step of establishing their own record label, Skatbo Records. They enlisted the help of friends and contacts for various aspects, including mixing, mastering, cover art illustration, and logotypes.

With members who have previously ventured into old-school death metal with Lobotomy, explored progressive metal with Eyekon, and made session appearances with Katatonia, Doomherre brings a wealth of experience to »Bonegoat«.

For more information about Doomherre and their upcoming album »Bonegoat«, please visit Doomherre’s website and stay tuned for updates on live performances and releases.

Doomherre is Daniel Strachal, Victor Takala and Max Collin.

FFO: Trouble, Candlemass, The Obsessed, Sleep, and Celtic Frost.

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