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Tape Shapes’ latest EP »Overload« now available on limited edition cassette tape, including their brand new single »Greedy«

»Overload«, the latest EP by German stoner rock/grunge outfit Tape Shapes is now available on limited edition cassette that also includes their brand new single »Greedy«, recorded just recently.

»Overload« EP was first released digitally on May 22, 2020.

01. I’ll Do It
02. The Decision
03. Flesh And Bones
04. Big Cheese
05. Inside The Magnet
06. Overload
07. Black Shoes

Says the band: “Theeeeere it is!! The greatest! The original! The only one! The »Overload« tape!

After recording our newest song »Greedy« at Killer Wave Studio we’ve decided to include it in our »Overload« tape, and JUST on the tape!!

So if you wanna get the limited edition »Overload« tape with the extra song »Greedy« just go to our Bandcamp page and order it there!!”

In the last years the Tape Shapes’ sound turned from a crunchy alternative style to a much more hypnotic and complex stoner arrangement. For their new EP »Overload« the band experimented with different sound effects and folk instruments to create a special psychodelic live sound. The result is an aggressive, pushing forward compilation of songs that surprises with dynamic melodies and hard breakdowns. The content deals in most songs with political and social grievances especially with animal torment, intolerance, racism and sexual abuse. The text style is sometimes introverted, sometimes optimistic but always full of power and emotions.

Tape Shapes are a four-piece German stoner rock/grunge band from Hamburg, formed in 2014. The band combines 1990s influenced grunge vibes with heavy rock guitar riffs, pounding bass lines and groovy stoner rhythms as well as powerful vocals that switch between hurtful shouting and catchy tunes.

Their first alternative style EP »Greetings From Barcelona« (2014) was created during a live session at Stone Box Studios in Barcelona and is still only available on tape. The two EPs »New Lies« (2016) and »Divine« (2017) followed. The latter resulted in two professional music videos in collaboration with Spirit Bear Film and Cocoon Cut.

The hanseatic musicians shared the stage with bands like Stake (BE), Samavayo (D), The Franklys (GB) and The Grand Astoria (RU) making themselves a place into the stoner rock scene as their influences collide to an unique music style that makes people dance and headbang.

Tape Shapes are:
Laura Bonet – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Elena Hauten – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dominik Grußendorf – Lead Guitar
Simone Pagliarini – Drums

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