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The Wizards unveil a cover version of Pentagram’s classic »Sign Of The Wolf«

Photo by Raquel Garcia

Bilbao, Spain based ’70s hard and heavy rockers The Wizards have unveiled a cover version of Pentagram’s classic »Sign Of The Wolf«.

Unreleased track from the session for »A Tribute To Danzig«. Recorded live, mixed and mastered at Gaua Studios by Asier Zubelzu, May 2017.

Says the band: “Here’s a previously unreleased cover version of Pentagram »Sign Of The Wolf«. Recorded at Gaua Studios, May 2017. You can find it in our Bandcamp site!”

Hailing from Basque Country, The Wizards were originally formed in the spring of 2013. After having recorded a four-track demo the band started gigging for earnest in February 2014. Since then The Wizards have released three studio albums – »The Wizards« (2015), »Full Moon In Scorpio« (2017) and »Rise Of The Serpent« (2018) – and toured mainly in Spain but also in France, Portugal and Germany. The band’s slogan is “Occult Heavy Metal Warriors”, what’s that supposed to mean and how would The Wizards describe their overall musical style?

“What we play is a totally unconscious mix of styles we all share and like. There definitely is a strong and obvious heavy metal background in our music, but if you scratch the surface you will also find some 1970s hard rock, a piece of the doomy element and even some punk. We like rock ‘n’ roll and blues music in all their forms. We are interested in occultism, spiritualism and all the alternative religions against mainstream monotheism. We feel our music is a weapon against the modern world and that our band is on a magical war against it. We are gonna win this personal battle against this rotten modern corporate society with loud guitars and catchy epic vocals.” the band states.

The Wizards are:
Lord Ian Summerisle Mason – Vocals
Phil The Pain – Guitars
George Dee – Guitars
Count Baraka – Bass
Dave O. Spare – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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