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UK monolithic dark metal act Grief Symposium dropped their debut album »…In The Absence Of Light«, out now via Church Road Records

UK death/doom metal act Grief Symposium featuring members of The King Is Blind, Nine Covens, Entwined and Extreme Noise Terror presents their debut album, »…In The Absence Of Light«, which just dropped on January 27th, 2023 via Church Road Records.

01. Among Dead Gods
02. Temple Of Decay
03. In The Shadow Of The Sleeping Monarch
04. Veil Of Transformation
05. Descent Into Pandemonium
06. Esoteric Mirrors
07. The Amber Kiss Of The Sun

Courtesy of Church Road Records:

Doom/death doesn’t begin to cover it…

Born from the ashes of the critically acclaimed The King Is Blind, with roots in the darkest elements of metal – merging slabs of stately doom-laden heaviness with aggressive punches of deathly metal wrapped in an atmosphere most foul borne from gothic influences – emerges new UK monolithic dark metal titans Grief Symposium.

Featuring a guest appearance from the legendary Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride), Grief Symposium is the sound of Candlemass and Celtic Frost being tortured in the most bloodied and eldritch ways; of Portal and Immolation being forced to stare deep into their own souls; of moments of existential reflection and nightmare-laden introspection; Grief Symposium presents their debut album »…In The Absence Of Light«.

The band commented: “The time has come. Today is release day for our debut album »…In The Absence Of Light«. Please go to iTunes or Church Road Records store to make your purchase.

Thanks to all those who have helped make this release possible: Church Road, Tom Donovan Studio, Mark Peter Royce, Aaron Stainthorpe and the splendid press-folk who have supported the band thus far. Thank you all.”

Order the album and pick up brand new merch here:

Grief Symposium is:
SJT – Vocals
LJA – Guitars
CSM – Bass
BJM – Drums

Additional vocals by Cecilia Adelaide

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