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Ukrainian one-man doom/death metal project Sorrowful Land presents new album »Faded Anchors Of The Past«, out now via Black Lion Records

Ukrainian one-man doom/death metal project Sorrowful Land has just released third full-length album »Faded Anchors Of The Past« on January 27th, 2023 via Black Lion Records.

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01. As Long As We Breathe
02. Faded Anchors Of The Past
03. The Cold Gray Fog Of Dawn (feat. Stefan Nordstrom & Henrik Ekholm)
04. Small Lost Moments (feat. Kaivan Saraei & Miguel Santos)
05. As I Behold Them Once Again
06. Where The Sullen Waters Flow
07. The Night Is Darkening Around Me
08. When The Oceans Calm

Mastermind Max Molodtsov (Edenian) says:
“Hi, fellow people! Third full-length album of Sorrowful Land is out via Swedish metal label Black Lion Records I can’t be more excited! It took a lot of time for this album to be made. 5 years to be exact! I worked on it throughout the years, during pandemic lockdowns, and even when full-scale russian invasion on Ukrainian land outbursted a year ago…

I started composing it way back in 2018 with a lot of ideas in mind. I created a list of my favourite vocalists that I’d like to hear performing my songs. Then I realized that I don’t want to force those people to sing only my lyrics, I want them to bring their own personality and vibe instead. So I composed music and asked everyone to bring their own ideas for the lyrics. And for control freak which I am – it was something different. At first I was kinda worried about how the things will turn out. But at the end of the day – it turned out just fine! No, fine is not the right word. It all turned out great!

And now I need to say huge THANK YOU to following people: Pierre Laube, Stefan Nordström, Henrik Ekholm, Kaivan Saraei & Miguel Santos. You guys rock! Thanx for bringing your awesome vocals to the album and creating true magic with my tracks! Then I must give thanks to Daniele Gay for his awesome album’s cover art! Then credits go to the Volodymyr Tsymbal for creating artwork! You guys completed this album! Then I must say thanx for believing in me and my music to Oliver Dahlbäck who invited me to the Black Lion Records family!”

Courtesy of All Noir PR:

»Faded Anchors Of The Past« is the third full-length album of the Ukrainian doom-metal one-man band. Led by a multi-instrumentalist and mastermind behind the project – Max Molodtsov, Sorrowful Land has been bringing doomy passages since 2014. Unlike the previous gloomy album which was filled with tragic themes, the new effort offers more melancholic yet dark tunes. Topics of »Faded Anchors Of The Past« revolve around feelings that are often buried deep into nooks and crannies of one’s mind. What will you do when the past is chasing you?

What do you see when you close your eyes and enter the dark realms of nightmares? Is it your mind who plays with you showing ghostly faces of the ones you once knew? Or are they just a part of your inner demons that devour your soul? Is it possible to run away from the sins of the past? What if you succeed? What’s then…? Try and you’ll find all answers hidden in eight tracks.

The album sits at one hour of epic songs long enough to make your rainy and misty morning more atmospheric. Low-tuned guitar riffs intertwined with haunting melodies, mellow clean vocals, and sudden changes to brutal death-metal growling, unexpected piano fills, roaring bass, and solid drum parts – you’ll hear all of it cemented in a modern metal mix.

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