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Ukrainian post-rock project Super Pink Moon (with Somali Yacht Club frontman) unveils new track; album release postponed to December 1st!

Lviv, Ukraine based shoegaze/post-rock solo project Super Pink Moon by multi-instrumentalist and Somali Yacht Club frontman Ihor Pryshliak aka Super Pink Moon has unveiled new single »SlaveKing« taken from the upcoming album »Inertia«. Album release date has been postponed to December 1st, 2023.

01. Eventually
02. GodEater
03. Lost
04. Before
05. SlaveKing
06. After
07. The Apex
08. Descending
09. Mariupol
10. Stampede
11. FearKnight

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

Ukrainian post-heavy/shoegaze singer and multi-instrumentalist Ihor Pryshliak aka Super Pink Moon shares a blistering new track taken from his third solo album »Inertia«, which official release has been postponed to December 1st.

Masterfully combining the fire and catchiness of 90s post-hardcore à la Quicksand into a wall of metallic guitars, his new track »SlaveKing« is a punch in the face and forceful declaration of intent from the Lyiv-based musician: “Don’t follow your leader blindly.”

Listen to Super Pink Moon’s hard-hitting new track »SlaveKing«
+ Stream latest singles »FearKnight« and »GodEater«

Super Pink Moon was created in 2019 as a solo project of Somali Yacht Club guitarist and vocalist Ihor Pryshliak in Lviv, Ukraine. Gracefully interweaving post-rock, shoegaze and indie rock, his sophomore album »Iron Rain« (2022) depicted the angst and emotional turmoil of having to make it through the day when surrounded by chaos, as it was entirely written, recorded and released amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

His third and new album »Inertia« is a much heavier sonic statement that offers shape-shifting dynamics from storm to lull, and heady atmospheres crowned with Pryshliak’s melancholic vocals while explicitly dealing with sensitive and politically charged topics. Displaying a subtle and finely-chiseled blend of post-metal, post-rock, black metal and shoegaze, this new genre-bending gem draws from a wide range of influences such as Deftones, Oathbreaker, Quicksand, Jesu, Godflesh, Elder, Meshuggah, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack or Bicep.

Super Pink Moon »Inertia« (S/R) out December 1st on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

About the album, Ihor Pryshliak says: “This new album is about inertia – it’s when a part of your life continues to move along the previous trajectory until the collision. It’s convenient and reliable, there are no risks, you just keep moving in the same direction. The problem with inertia is low flexibility. For example, to turn a large ship, a lot of effort is needed. As a result, we take a long time to adapt to new abrupt changes. The inertia of my life is actually the Super Pink Moon project. At the moment it has lost its relevance, but purely out of inertia, I finished it and am releasing it as it is. From a musical point of view, it’s just home experiments, as always a mixture of all styles. Some tracks have more electronics, some less. I would love it to be listened to not as background music, but how can I force anyone, right?”

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