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US alternative rock quintet Young Eyes released new album »All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way«, out now via Rad Girlfriend Records

Cincinnati, Ohio based alternative rock quintet Young Eyes presents their new album, »All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way«, which was just released on September 22nd, 2023 via Rad Girlfriend Records. Featuring former members of Honeyspiders, Banderas, Shivs and State Songs.

01. Mirrors Won’t Rust
02. Luna De Bestia
03. Shattering
04. Green Salt
05. Cloud Splitter
06. Undone
07. Mare Imibrium
08. Epiales

Courtesy of Rad Girlfriend Records:

Arriving with a coiled fury into the bloom of the 21st century – tendons twist, ligaments strain, the constants of breath and blood injecting purpose, Young Eyes create a new body of sound wailing a declaration of intent.

With this birth, »All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way« takes life. The scrape, the hum, everything within receptors tenses, this new body prepares for the force and the weight of being alive.

Photo by Nikita Gross

Heavy music, loud music, that which is still reliant on limbs and throats for its very creation finds itself at an inflection point. Does the human chassis have a future in music? Young Eyes are the sound of percussion in a very literal sense and present eight undeniable arguments that the answer is, yes.

Objects are struck – be they strings or drums. Forces are applied to surfaces – be it a larnax or a speaker cabinet. »All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way« is the result of a new body utilizing deliberate tools. It is alive and breathing and howling to be heard.

Artwork by Robyn Nomadical Roth.

Listen to »All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way« on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Get your copy on red and black vinyl:

Young Eyes is:
Scot Torres – Vocals
Chris Harrison – Guitar
Casey Beagle – Guitar
Kevin Mcnair – Bass
Rick Mccarty – Drums

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