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US doom death metal/post-rock outfit Tideless return with their second full-length album »Eye Of Water«, out now via Chaos Records!

San Diego, California based doom death metal/post-rock outfit Tideless return with their second full-length album, »Eye Of Water«, which was released on September 15th, 2023 via Chaos Records.

01. Drowning (19° 40′ 49″ N, 99° 0′ 36″ W)
02. Fields At Dawn
03. Oblations For The Sun
04. Laurel Of Victory
05. Lush.Serene.Dissolved

Courtesy of Chaos Records:

Chaos Records is proud to present Tideless’ highly anticipated second album, »Eye Of Water«, on CD/digital and LP late this year.

The Cenote, hidden underground pathways of water which lead to the underworld, or what some believe is the shared afterlife…

An anguished echo from beneath the surface, one that has bled in departure, but never forgotten in heart…

…amidst this, Tideless return, having completed their second full-length, »Eye Of Water«. Featuring concurrent members of Xantam and Seraphic Disgust, what once was simply death-doom influenced by The Chasm and Disembowelment started to drift more into an experimental field come the release of Tideless’ debut album, 2021’s »Adrift In Grief«, which Chaos Records eventually reissued. Heavily influenced by shoegaze (Alison’s Halo, Starflyer 59, Slowdive) and old prog (King Crimson and Magma), the band progressed into what they refer to as shoegazing death metal.

Now, with »Eye Of Water«, Tideless advance their sound more than ever with tranquil darkness and healing hallucinations. The album started production in 2021 at Toadhouse Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon and continued in Ramona Recording Studios in Ramona, California. Returning this time to produce, record, and engineer the album was Charlie Koryn (Morbid Angel, Incantation, Ascended Dead). Additional solos were laid down by Garrett Johnson (Wandering Mind) of VoidCeremony. But, more than these credits can convey, »Eye Of Water« lays forth a rippling, incandescent landscape of majestic, triumphant shoegazing grief of death. More daring, more expansive, more shoegazing and yet also more deathly, Tideless’ second album is an hour-long journey that indeed underlines that »Adrift In Grief« was no one-trick pony – that this band of sonic alchemists are operating in a field truly their own, daunting in breadth and depth but infinitely rewarding in such boundless creativity. Open your heart and let the sun hit.

Order »Eye Of Water« here:

Produced, engineered and mixed by Charlie Koryn.
Mastered by Matthew Williams at Sub Odin Studios in Portland, OR.
Drums recorded at Toadhouse Recording in Portland, OR, May 2021.
Guitar and bass recorded at Ramona Music Center in Ramona, CA, September 2021.
Vocals recorded at Tideless HQ in Escondido, CA, February 2022.
Additional vocals, synthesizers and keyboards recorded at Tideless HQ in Escondido, CA Julty 2022.

Cover artwork by Wang Yang.
Additional artwork by Wang Yang and Oded Castro.
Original Tideless logo by Misanthropic-Art.
Block Tideless logo by Dylan Matthew Perry.
Album title artwork by Wang Yang.
Band photography by Emily Wanous.
Layout by Dan Fried.

Tideless is:
Carlos Gaitan – Guitar
Kyle Armendariz – Drums, Vocals
Aaron Clarke – Guitar
Brian Armendariz – Bass
Diego Gonzalez – Vocals

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