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US instrumental sludge/stoner metal trio Sun King Ba released their new three-track EP »Goliath Worm«

Chicago, Illinois based instrumental sludge/stoner metal trio Sun King Ba is back with their new three-track EP, »Goliath Worm«, which was just released on October 6th, 2023.

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01. Goliath Worm
02. Grub Acolyte
03. Larvicide

Sun King Ba is an instrumental sludge/stoner metal band from Chicago, IL.

Comprised of Anthony Santoro (guitars,) Calvin Schaller (drums,) and Jeff Perlman (bass), the trio employ a combination of pummeling riffs, blistering leads and an unrelenting rhythm section to narrate the story of Sun King Ba, the reptile demigod featured on the cover of the 2022 EP »Writhing Mass«.

The upcoming release »Goliath Worm«, engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio and mastered by Greg Obis at Chicago Mastering Service, features the first major antagonist of the Sun King Ba universe. Slithering tones signal the imposing presence of the eponymous creature, a challenger to the throne of the Sun King. These dire notes give way to indomitable, thundering rhythms, heralding the entrance of Sun King Ba, and the ensuing conflict between the demigod and his rival. This conflict ultimately culminates in Ba’s victory and the extermination of the Goliath Worm’s high priest and its larvae, portrayed in the unworldly tumult of »Grub Acolyte« and unrelenting stomp of »Larvicide«.

Photo by Natalie Escobedo

Get »Goliath Worm« + »Writhing Mass« 2 EP cassette:

Engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL.
Mastered by Greg Obis at Chicago Mastering Service.
Album art and logo by Misha Mono.

Sun King Ba is:
Anthony Santoro – Guitars
Jeff Perlman – Bass
Calvin Schaller – Drums

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