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Weedian presents the brand new compilation »Trip To Sweden«!

Weedian presents the brand new compilation »Trip To Sweden« featuring more than 50 amazing artists from Sweden, such as Lowrider, Burning Saviours, Truckfighters, Greenleaf, Monolord, Suma, Acid’s Trip, Spelljammer, The Order Of Israfel, Besvärjelsen, Moon Coven, 10,000 Years, Domkraft, Electric Hydra, Sleepwulf, Maidavale and many more.

01. Asteroid – Time
02. Hällas – Tale Of A Tyrant
03. Mammoth Volume – Seagull
04. Witchers Creed – Witchers Creed
05. Truckfighters – Manhattan Project
06. Maidavale – (If You Want the Smoke) Be The Fire
07. Greenleaf – Ocean Deep
08. Monolord – I’m Staying Home
09. Spacefog – Glade
10. Yuri Gagarin – Sea Of Dust
11. Blind Dog – Coming To
12. Salem’s Pot – The Vampire Strikes Back
13. Skraekoedlan – Creature Of Doggerland
14. Ball – Black Magic
15. Alastor – DeathCult
16. Mamont – Mammuten
17. Lowrider – Sernanders Krog
18. Enigma Experience – The Zone
19. The Goners – World Of Decay
20. Suma – Pale Rider
21. Burning Saviours – Dark Lady
22. Black Solstice – Ember
23. Besvärjelsen – All Things Break
24. 10,000 Years – Dark Side Of The Earth
25. Domkraft – Seeds
26. Spelljammer – Abyssal Trip
27. Stew – If This Will Be The End
28. Mother of God – Lucy
29. Fungus Hill – Are You Dead
30. Vokonis – Rebellion
31. The Hypnagogics – Death Trip
32. Svvamp – Serpent In The Sky
33. Häxmästaren – Millennium Phenomenon
34. Firebreather – Firebreather
35. Dozer – Two Coins For Eyes
36. C3B – Acid Haze
37. Temple – Sea Of Grief
38. Spiral Skies – The Final Set
39. My Brother The Wind – Torbjörn Abelli
40. Cities of Mars – The Last Electric Dream
41. Laser Dracul – Ashes And Dust
42. Huanastone – Viva Los Muertos
43. Nekromant – Scorpio
44. Acid’s Trip – Just A Man
45. The Order Of Israfel – On Black Wings, A Demon
46. The Awesome Machine – Looking For Sweet Opium
47. Jirm – Candle Eyes
48. Fanatism – När man allting sett
49. Elden – Anubis
50. Dark Ocean Circle – Oceans Of Blood
51. Electric Hydra – Rise From Below
52. Sleepwulf – Wizard Slayer
53. New Mexican Doom Cult – Mark Of Cain
54. Moon Coven – Potbelly Hill

“Sweden has always been a stronghold for heavy music. From early pioneers and legends like Heavy Load and Candlemass via innovators and inventors like Bathory and Entombed and worldwide phenomena like the “Gothenburg sound”, the influence of Swedish rock and metal is undeniable and far-reaching.

When it comes to the heavier and slower side of metal, Sweden has established itself as a world leader, unlikely as it may be. Sweden is a veritable breedingground for all kinds of heavy, psychedelic and progressive music that continues to set benchmarks for bands from all over the world to aspire to.

It’s not the easiest thing to point out when a certain scene or movement started. But in Sweden it was genre defining bands such as Lowrider, Demon Cleaner and Firestone that paved the way. From there it has evolved to the beloved monster that it is today with international stars like Truckfighters, Greenleaf and Monolord leading the pack. And behind the behemoths of the genre there is a plethora of amazing bands worthy of your time and attention, all sprung from the nutrient, green soil of the north.

As most people are aware of, there is no actual desert in Sweden. But the so-called desertscene is as strong as anywhere in the world, if not stronger. But how does a country like Sweden, small, cold and mostly insignificant in the wider scheme of things, become this Mecca of downtuned riffadelia? No one really knows, but one theory is that the darkness and isolation that envelops the northern parts of Europe for a large part of the year has something to do with it. There’s really not much else to do than to riff out and play music, and that music tends to be on the heavier side more often than not. And as connoiseurs of heavy rock and metal know, if you see “Sweden” put down as “country of origin” in a bandbio, there is a pretty big chance you’ll get your mind blown, even if it’s just some dudes/dudettes in a garage releasing their first demo. And you know you want to get down to it. And that’s what this compilation is all about, highlighting the swedish scene and its bands, regardless of how big or small they may be. So here you go, 53 songs from the nordic desert, that doesn’t exist.” – Alex Risberg

Cover Art by @gigatheis (Instagram)

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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