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American psychedelic/stoner rock band Fuzzy Grapes dropped their debut album, entitled Volume 1«

Flagstaff, Arizona based psychedelic/stoner rock band Fuzzy Grapes stream their debut album, entitled »Volume 1«, which just dropped on January 27th, 2023.

01. Sludge Fang
02. Snake Dragger
03. Dust Of Three Strings
04. Interlude
05. The Cosmic Throne
06. Made Of Solstice
07. Goatcult

Recorded at The Junkyard Getaway in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Fuzzy Grapes started in 2022. Originally it was a solo project where John Mistler (guitar/synth) recorded all parts then he hit a wall and added Weston Miller (lead guitar), Chad Breen (vox), Matt Hesselrode (bass) and Robbie Watson (drums).

The band try to keep their songs on a spectrum between heavy psychedelic rock and stoner metal – sometimes leaning towards one end depending on the song.

All members work in education (teachers, advisors and special education) and one works at weed shop. Fuzzy Grapes are hailing from Flagstaff which is a smaller mountain town of Arizona – 7000ft elevation, lots of snow & cold winters.

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