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Appalachian sludge metal duo Dope Skum stream their new EP »Gutter South«, available now on CD and digital format

Chattanooga, Tennessee based sludge metal duo Dope Skum stream their new EP, »Gutter South«, which just dropped on April 21st, 2023.

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01. Folk Magic
02. Interlude
03. Feast Of Snakes
04. Belly Lint
05. The Cycle

Chattanooga sludge band, Dope Skum, is back with their highly anticipated sophomore EP, »Gutter South«, set to release on April 21, 2023. The five-track album showcases the band’s evolution, highlighting a shift in direction and sound. This release is bound to take their followers and fans of the sludge, grunge, and stoner metal genres on a trip down south with its fuzz-laden, groove-oriented, heavy, yet dynamic songs.

Written with a new line-up featuring Cody Landress-Gibson (guitar/vocals) and Scott Keil (drums), »Gutter South« builds on Dope Skum’s solid foundation, staying true to their roots while offering a fresh perspective on their sound.

The EP’s first single, »Folk Magic«, was released in November 2022, paying homage to Appalachian tradition and granny witches, folk healers known in the mountains to cure ailments with herbalism and home remedies. The single received praise from several heavy music-oriented blogs, including Doomed & Stoned, Sleeping Village, and Outlaws Of The Sun. The second single, »Belly Lint«, to be released on March 10, 2023, takes a different approach, tackling addiction and the resilience of the human spirit.

»Gutter South« is a testament to Dope Skum’s growth and versatility. With a unique blend of old-time influences, as seen in the interlude track, and heavy sludge, the EP marks a significant milestone in the band’s journey. While holding on to and acknowledging their roots in their debut EP »Tanasi«, »Gutter South« captures a fresh new spin on their sound and brand of sludge. »Gutter South« is the next chapter of Dope Skum.

Mark your calendars for April 21, 2023 when »Gutter South« drops on all major streaming platforms.

Get »Gutter South« EP on CD format here:

“From a riffcraft perspective, the comparisons are honestly fairly endless, but in my mind, Dope Skum’s approach particularly recalls the heft and organic appeal of Bongzilla. There’s a tangible weight behind the bluesy central riff, a plodding-through-the-mire.” – Sleeping Village

About Dope Skum:
Big ol’ southern stoner riffs. Conceived towards the tail end of 2020, the duo released »Tanasi«, their debut EP, in March 2021. Nastier than an old timer’s moonshine mash, this 5-track effort stands on a rock-solid foundation of sludgy stoner metal with a notable punky inflection. Raw, raucous, and generally mammothian riffs. Weedeater, Iron Monkey, EyeHateGod, and Toke all qualify as influences and suitable aesthetic comparisons.

Dope Skum is Cody Landress-Gibson on guitar/vocals and Scott Keil on drums.

For fans of Weedeater, Bongzilla, Toke, Sourvein

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