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Bosnian stoner metal trio Aberdar unleashed their sophomore full-length album »The Cult Of The Naked Snail«

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina based stoner metal trio Aberdar has unleashed their sophomore full-length album, »The Cult Of The Naked Snail«, out on September 24th, 2022.

Listen to »The Cult Of The Naked Snail« on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes here!

01. Intro
02. The Naked Snail Killer
03. Valkyrie
04. Megalodon
05. Karakondzula
06. The Lord Of Slime
07. Stoned Flamngo
08. The Witch
09. Swamp Demon
10. The Coil Of Joseph
11. The Witch (Acoustic Bonus Track)

Aberdar is a three-piece stoner band from Banja Luka that was established as a project by the singer Bojan Bujić back in 2017 with former members of Logic System Disorder Miloš Vujić and Duško Milijević. After releasing their first singles »Tajna« and »Glad«, Miloš and Duško left the band.

Mid 2019. Bojan Bujić calls in his best friend and godfather Nikola Paspalj to join the band to play bass guitar. Shortly after they call in Nikola Pekez, also know for playing drums in Visoki Napon, Multicultus and Speed Freak, to join the band on drums.

The band is working on their own material. Inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Tool, Consecration and Nine Inch Nails, they are working on harder sound and interesting melodies and are enjoying they work.

After only 3 months of work in the rehearsal space at Dino’s, the band is ready to start working on their first album. In a short period of time they went to Oksigen Studio to record their first drum tracks. »Kolos« was the first song recorded in the studio. After 4 months they visit the studio again to record 3 more songs. Of those 3 songs they publish 2 songs in January 2020 called »Zemljotres« and »Boje«.

Unfortunately in April the pandemic starts and the band paused they work. After a long wait in June 2020 the band enters rehearsal space again to work on the rest of the album. The band decided to finish the album by the end of September. Mid October the band recorded a official video for their song »Sleser«. Video and montage by Branko Bujić. Finally in October 31st the band goes to the studio to work on 3 more tracks and finishes recording the album. A month after the band releases another single called »Alatka«. A tribute song to the band Tool as a sing of appreciation for the inspiration.

Drums were recorded in Oksigen Studio with Momir Nikić as the studio technician. All bass tracks, guitar, keyboards and synth were recorded at home by Bojan Bujić in his home studio Studio Buya. Vocals were recorded in the rehearsal space at Dino’s. After recording, all tracks were mixed and mastered by Bojan Bujić. A big thanks goes also to Dražen Kecman from Cirith Ungol Studio that helped a lot giving advice to Bojan while recording and mixing of the songs.

The album contains eight songs: »Zemljotres«, »Kolos«, »Sleser«, »Alatka«, »Sreca«, »Boje«, »Igle« and »Erudijum 36«. The cover of the album represents their first recorded song »Kolos«. The artwork »Kolos« was created by Emir Toromanović, a Academic artist from Bihać. The design of the album cover was done by Darko Karać who is responsible for giving it a good visual effect. The name of the band was given by Branko Juzbasa the guitarist from the band Flesh For Sherder from Valencia, and former guitar player from the bands Dronjak, and Cornix from Banja Luka.

Every song on the album has its own signature sound and feel. The band recorded the whole album this way on purpose so that every song is different from one another. And every song has its own story to tell.

A few months passed Nikola Pekez leaves the band due to personal reasons and is replaced by Aleksandar Davidović that was a fan of the band for a long period of time. That same year the band starts working on some new material for the second album.

Mid summer od 2022 the band enters the studio Oksigen Studio again and start working on the new material.

On September 24, 2022 »The Cult Of The Naked Snail« is released. The album promotion was held in KSET Pub in Banja Luka with special guests Misery Crown. The album contains 9 songs: »Intro«, »The Naked Snail Killer«, »Valkyrie, »Megalodon«, »Karakondžula«, »The Lord Of Slime«, »Stoned Flamingo«, »The Witch«, »Swamp Demon«, »The Coil Of Joseph« and a bonus track »The Witch (Acoustic)«.

The band released a official video on YouTube for the song »The Witch«. The new album »The Cult Of The Naked Snail« has a long story behind it of a witch that wanted to kill the band but a majestic creature was summoned instead. The creature looks like a Naked Snail (Slug). It is slowly devouring and destroying the world. The inspiration of the Snail came from the start of the pandemic and Covid was slowly destroying the world so was the Snail.

Aberdar is already working on new material for the third album that is planned for the end of 2023.

Aberdar is:
Bojan Bujić “Buya” – Vocals/Guitar
Nikola Paspalj – Bass
Aleksandar Davidović – Drums

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