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Canadian filthy heavy metal outfit Loose unleash their debut single »Death Dealer« taken from the upcoming split EP with Ethereal Tomb

Barrie, Canada based sludgy death/thrash/black metal outfit Loose has unleashed their debut single »Death Dealer«.

»Death Dealer« is taken from the upcoming split EP with Ethereal Tomb which will be released via Peace Reaper Records.

Recorded by Jake Ballah.
Mastered by Jake Ballah and Matt Gunn.
Cover by Jaka Ari.

Loose is a five piece metal band from Barrie, Canada. They take inspiration from death, black and thrash metal with a healthy dose of stoner/sludge. The two songs off the split are their debut release as a band. Mixing themes of our grim human experience and evil tales, they pack a punch to keep you at attention for closing out the split.

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Ethereal Tomb is a “doom-esque” trio from Barrie/Toronto, Canada. Formed in early 2021, the band melds doom metal, death metal, hardcore and shoegaze elements into their music.

Their self-titled album was packed full of evil desert grooves but the band describes their new tracks on this EP as straightforward hate. Alexander’s lyrics were inspired by his indiginous family roots and the genocide of indiginous peoples in Canada.

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