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Chilean space rock collective Los Tabanos Experience stream their new album »A Conscious Dream«, out now via Clostridium Records and Echodelick Records

Santiago, Chile based experimental space rock collective Los Tabanos Experience stream their new improvised album, »A Conscious Dream«, which was just released on September 9th, 2022 via Clostridium Records and Echodelick Records.

01. Infinity Highway
02. Sleepwalker
03. Hypnotic Delusion
04. Ancient Haze
05. Chimera State
06. Neptunes Orbit
07. Deceptive Realm

Los Tábanos Experience is a band/collective from Santiago, Chile, with itinerant musicians from different projects, focused on the art of improvisation, to evoke supersonic landscapes and psychedelic visions in those who listen to us.

Says the band: “This album was recorded in January 2022 in Santiago de Chile, full improvised in a single take for each movement.

As usual, we use a concept to guide our senses, align ourselves and be able to enter in the necessary trance for the alchemical process of turning it into music. This time, we used dreams as our magical element.

We suggest the listener to take this point as essential for the interpretation of our music. A trip to a world of dreams, psychedelic dimensions and oniric landscapes.”

Recorded on January 21, 2022 by Pablo Giadach at Estudio Lautaro, mixed by Carlos González Lihn and mastered by Ricardo Guzmán at Estudio Goethe.
Cover photo by Sebastián Domínguez.
Back cover & label photo by Cristián Canto.
Art design by Pancho Fernández

Daniela Defilippi – Vox/Minilogue
Kurt Heyer – Drums
Gabriel Zavala – Guitar/Rhodes
Jimi Leighton – Bass
Carlos González Lihn – Guitar/Feedbacks

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