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Cultro release new music video for the third single »Banished« taken from their latest studio album »Phlegethon«

Italian post-metal band Cultro has just released new music video for the third single »Banished« taken from their latest studio album, »Phlegethon«, out on December 13, 2021 via Eibon Records.

01. Golem
02. Medusa
03. Phlegethon
04. Atlas (feat. Lycia)
05. Banished

»Phlegethon« sums up all the band’s previous experiences in a 5 track concept album based on the theme of “sentence/condemnation” and “punishment”, from which every one track gets its title.

First is »Golem«, where the creature spawned from human vanity escapes the control of its master, and upon which is inflicted a sentence of death that, in turn, is transformed into the master’s own death. The condemned is transfigured into the condamnation, the doomed into the impending doom.

Second is »Medusa«, the ever representing Evil and Ugliness figure. But if “the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, maybe the evilness and ugliness too. Is the petrifying power lying in the eyes of the Medusa, or in the reflection they are sending back of theone who’s staring?

The title track, the third one, is »Phlegethon«, an acoustic interlude depicting the view of the last river in the deepest of Dante’s hell. A calm stream of forever boiling fire.

The fourth track is »Atlas«, where we find the quintessential figure of the “doomed one”: condemned to bring on his shoulders the whole celestial sphere, that is the weight of its own existence. His liberation can only happen through the negation of himself, making of him either a slave or inexistent. The track sees the featuring of Mike Van Portfleet and Tara Vanflower from the band Lycia on vocals.

The fifth and last track is titled »Banished«, referring to the idea of “sacrifice”: not the Abel’s one, but the one of Cain, dominated by the will of satisfying a bloodthirsty and hypocrite god. The earth creates the man, the man creates the god, god creates the man: the man IS god.

All music written and performed by Cultro.
Except for »Atlas« performed by Cultro and Mike Vanportfleet and Tara Vanflower on vocals.
Recorded and mixed by Marco Riccardi at JupiterGiant Studio in Rome (March/June 2021).

Cultro is:
Alessandro Nanna – Bass, Vocals
Marco Riccardi – Guitars, Synths, Saz, Drum Programming

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