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Finnish post-metal band Atlases released their new album »Between The Day & I«, out now via Lifeforce Records

Pori, Finland based post-metal band Atlases has just released their new album »Between The Day & I« on June 2nd, 2023 via Lifeforce Records.

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01. Eyelids Of The New Dawn
02. Singulars
03. Silent Threads
04. Earthshine
05. Mosaic Of Silence
06. Save Room
07. Intermission
08. Versus
09. Imperial Dark
10. Ties To Distance

Courtesy of Lifeforce Records:

Dwelling somewhere between melodic, soothing serenity and heavy, crushing force Atlases define their sound as modern post-metal. The band uses electronic drum pads and keyboards in addition to traditional instrumentsto achieve a full, cinematic and immersive soundscapes.

The fact that Atlases from Finland sound different has its reasons. Besides the “normal instrumentation” of a metal band, the musicians from Pori also work with electronic drum pads and keyboards. Both are not just additional accessories, but an integral part of the musical self-image of this Nordic group. In addition, there is the creative demand to go further aesthetically and sonically than is usual in modern post-metal. In the cinematic soundscapes Atlases are creating you can lose yourself completely.

Photo by Johanna Sjövall

The third album »Between The Day & I« pushes this approach to the extreme. The dualism of beautiful, atmospheric euphony and abrupt brute force works fantastically and provides lasting impressions. Atlases sets tension arcs time and again, which lead deep into a maelstrom of rapture, melancholy and emotional discharge. On the follow-up to their 2020 Lifeforce Records debut, »Woe Portrait«, Atlases present themselves as resourceful songwriters who cultivate powerful contrasts beyond the usual conventions of post-metal and thus stand out. With the new album the Finns prove that modern post-metal can still be developed further, if the right attitude and the necessary daring meet forward-thinking creativity and an elevated level of ambition.

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The fact that the cover motif of the new Atlases album evokes associations in the direction of the Mastodon classic »Remission« or »White Pony« of the mighty Deftones is a coincidence, but on closer reflection it fits pretty well.

Atlases are:
Jani Lamminpää – Vocals
Ville-Veikko Laaksonen – Guitar
Jerkka Perälä – Bass
Arttu Leppänen – Drums
Jesse Simola – Keyboards
Rasmus Forssell – Guitar

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