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Forbidden Place Records presents the annual label sampler »Escape To Weird Mountain Volume 8«!

Forbidden Place Records presents the annual label sampler, »Escape To Weird Mountain Volume 8«, which was just released on January 1st, 2023. Compilation features artists such as Sky Pig, LáGoon, Woorms, Dungeon Weed, Warcoe, Flying Disk, Astral Pigs, Kilverez, Rifle, Geishas Of Doom and many more.

01. Veuve Scarron – Natalie Wood
02. Kilverez – Weather Man
03. Sky Pig – Sinning Time
04. Naqoy – The Blue Rider
05. Dungeon Weed – Twenty Planes Of Reality
06. Flying Disk – Tell Me Of The Sun
07. Warcoe – Pyramid Of Despair
08. Astral Pigs – Jardin De Fuego
09. Dead Mammals – Chew The Fat
10. LáGoon – Dead And Gone
11. Moms New Hobby – Battlecry
12. Geishas Of Doom – Nowhere To Go!
13. Mucho Mungo – The Moth
14. Upcdownc – Rising Of The Lights
15. Vantre – Kuato
16. Dead Mammals – Deep South (Melting Human Trash Cover)
17. Woorms – Tower Peeler (Scary Busey Cover)
18. Monozygot – Slaveware
19. Rifle – 7 Thousand Demons
20. Volume – Spirtualized
21. Hayes Noble – Forget It
22. Brunsten – Chopjob (Version 4)
23. Pornohelmut – A Funeral For My Cum (Demo)
24. Bedtimemagic – A Wake
25. This Is Wreckage – Absence Is Presence (Demo)
26. Garlic – Cheesecake Cocaine

Forbidden Place Records comments: “Our yearly Compilation featuring some of the artists we will be working with in 2023. It’s time to expand your mind and take a journey into the unknown. Disconnect from this world and Escape to Weird Mountain. Art! Music! Chaos!”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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