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Galician cosmic blues rockers Zålomon Grass unveiled a brand new music video for the track »The Drill«

Vigo, Spain based cosmic blues rock trio Zålomon Grass has unveiled a brand new music video for the track »The Drill« from their latest album, »Space Opera«, out on March 10th, 2023.

Says the band: “Yes, this is the drill. It’s a political song fully charged with adrenaline, but in times like these that we live in, we wanted to talk about the frustration we feel being just a number for the leaders we have elected, channeling that emotions through one of our many passions: cars.

So crank up the speakers, turn your engine on, and tread on the gas, because we know just how you feel, but we know that you know the Drill!!!!”

»Space Opera« – A concept album by Zålomon Grass

A record of timeless aesthetics and sound, where maritime allegories will keep you company on a journey accross near galaxies to reach the center of the most intense human emotions.

With this new and long-awaited reference, Zålomon Grass culminates a cycle and opens the door to a universe full of sonic possibilities with a conceptual album, rich in analog nuances and full of veiled and subtle nods to classic works of the genre, both lyrically and musically; thus consolidating their personal style and navigating throug a unique sound, which fearlessly addresses the entire spectrum of Rock and Roll with capital letters, from the most classic notes to the most avant-garde subtleties.

Motherships engulfed in flames, thunderstorms of plasma and crews on the bringe of mutiny; this is the staging that the band have chosen to discuss universal issues such as frustration, the abuse of authority, or how to finally break free from the chains of an anxiety that outbreaks and expands faster than any virus on earth… Hold fast and enjoy the voyage.

Zålomon Grass is:
G. Mckenzie – Vocals, Guitars
David Rodd – Bass, Synths & Backing Vocals
Mauro Comesaña – Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

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