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Galician grunge/alternative rock band Exeria launches their first single and music video »Un novo nome«

Photos by Sombra

Galician grunge/alternative rock band Exeria has launched their first single »Un novo nome« accompanied by a music video.

The band formed 2021 in O Condado, Spain and features veterans of the local music scene.

O Condado, Spain based band Exeria premiered their first single »Un novo nome« on March 11, 2023. Recorded at Estudios Lufs, it delivers energetic guitars, perpetrating heavy riffs that invite you to headbang. The lyrics are about transition, accepting the changes in our life, as well as the choices it forces us to make. In this topic they ask themselves when something ends abruptly and we must adapt to a new reality, will we have the strength to start a different life and be reborn?

We are talking about a recently formed group, but which already has members in its ranks seasoned in different groups such as O Caimán del rio Tea, Cool Funeral, Circular or Met. Their style it would be in a common point between grunge, stoner, 90s rock, and even britpop, with lyrics are in Galician. The roots are important for any project, and the feeling of belonging to a specific place and time determines a look and a way of creating their songs, thus forming the bed through which their stylistic discourse runs. The video clip is directed and made by the artist and therapist Wences Lamas (Lugo, 1983).

In the audiovisual field, he shot the feature film »El Campo«, the documentary »Bailes de Histéricas«, videoclips for labels like Subterfuge, Humo or Ernie Récords, solo artists like Pablo Und Destruktion, Alberto Montero or Santi Araujo, bands like Fantasmage, Balkanes or Grupo Salvaje. He tries to make the camera a magical tool within a ritual. You can read about his video clips here!

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