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German funeral doom metal outfit Adversvm released their new full-length album »Vama Marga«, out now via Moribund Records

German funeral doom metal outfit Adversvm has just released their new full-length album »Vama Marga« on June 23rd, 2023 via Moribund Records.

01. Exordium
02. Emanation
03. Sinistrum
04. Parinama
05. Feind
06. Antisphere
07. V.:.O.:.A.:.D
08. Retrograde
09. Vindex
10. Mölingssken

Courtesy of Moribund Records:


The monumental modern doom/death act Adversvm has returned with their highly anticipated new album »Vama Marga«! Established in Germany in 2015, Adversvm came forth with a mission, one which they have clearly accomplished: To create art more sinister than black metal and death metal, and to manifest this sound with apocalyptic verses. »Vama Marga« is the 3rd full-length recording from the tenebrous titans, following their highly praised »Dysangelion« (Moribund Records, 2019) and coveted debut »Aion Sitra Ahra« (Iron Bonehead, 2018).

»Vama Marga« speaks in tongues with doomish, blazing and epic soundscapes to the infernal regions of the heart. Adversvm’s magnum opus to date invokes 10 anthems of left-hand-path apotheosis, Nietzscheism and traditional Satanic power. Creeping with shadowy cold darkness, atmospheric interludes collide with utterly crushing and mesmerizing death / doom metal. »Vama Marga« is an atmospheric journey from slow depths to raging fires and back into the icy abyss of the soul. Witness Adversvm’s apocalyptic awakening!

* Highly anticipated third album from the German masters of doom!!!
* Features a stunning production from Soundlodge Studio, Rhauderfehn Germany (God Dethroned, Anvil, Dew Scented).
* Cult cover art by Vhan Artworks (Evangelion, Crimson Moon, Luciferian Rites, Unhuman Disease, Sabbat)!
* Excellent graphic design by Birger Schwidop/Harvest Of Eyes (Root, Venenum, Warhammer)
* Featuring Donald Zaros from Evoken on Keyboards!
* Album outro by Mortuus (Marduk, Funeral Mist, DomJord)!
* Drums by new member Jörg U. (owner of the Soundlodge Studios)!
* Resurrecting the true doom/death metal scene lost for over a decade!
* Mandatory for fans of My Dying Bride, Evoken, Incantation, Thergothon, Anathema, Infester, Catacombs and Disembowelment!!!

Pre-order your copy now:

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