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Italian blackened post-hardcore act I Maiali stream their sophomore full-length album, »cenere/CENERE«, out now via Overdub Recordings

Italian blackened post-hardcore act I Maiali stream their sophomore full-length album, »cenere/CENERE«, out on June 3rd, 2022 via Overdub Recordings.

01. Genesi
02. Ora, Sorgi
03. L’Orrore
04. Parassita
05. Stanza 101
06. Oblio
07. Messi∀
08. Sculture da Autopsia
09. Assalto Cannibale
10. (R)Umore Blu
11. Plumbeo Giudizio
12. Io, Brucio

I Maiali are an blackened post-hardcore entity from Rome, Italy, formed in 2016 out of a desire to bring noise back into the lives of listeners. After a series of concerts and various compositions they find their dimension in a dirty, no-nonsense sound, between post-hardcore and noise, without forgetting the 90s and the whiff of novelty that it brought to the World of Underground Music, while remaining tied to a modern and impactful sound. I Maiali delve into the human soul, tear it to shreds and talk about it, from the relationship with the divinity it seems to need to the innermost desires.

In spring 2018 they recorded, with artistic production by Phil Liar at Monolith Rec Studio, their debut album »CVLTO«. The album, anticipated by the singles Ave and Carne, is released by Overdub Recordings on March 22, 2019 distributed in physical and digital formats by Code7/Plastic Head. In 2021 they enter the studio to record their second album, »cenere/CENERE«, which will see the light on June 3rd, 2022. For their new effort they rely on the skilled hands of Davide Rosati and his ACME Recording Studio (Straight Opposition, Zippo, Chaos Conspiracy), while continuing the collaboration with Overdub Recordings.

Photo by Picconi Dan

“»cenere/CENERE« is the gospel of our Messiah, starting from his genesis to the burning that will reduce him to
ashes; however, it is not just a story, but a journey, which will see him first going along with, then opposing the will of a higher entity: a master whom he recognizes as his father. The deeds he performs and the ongoing struggle with his consciousness underlie the 12 tracks that mix post-hardcore and black metal, with a few forays into psychedelia. We will deepen the concepts addressed in the debut album »CVLTO«, making you more familiar with our God and showing you how easily we humans are conditioned. Our Messiah is now among us, listen to him.”

All music and lyrics by I Maiali.
Guitar Solo on »Io, Brucio« by Davide Rosati.
Produced By Davide Rosati.
Engineered, recorded and mixed by Davide Rosati at ACME Recording Studio (Raiano, IT).
Mastered by Gianpiero Ulacco at Hologram Studios (Francavilla, IT).
Artwork and layout by Coito Negato.
Final layout by Martina Del Gesso.

I Maiali is:
Francesco Foschini – Voice
Matteo Grigioni – Bass
Guitar Daniele Ticconi – Guitar
Angelo Del Rosso – Drums

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