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Italian noise/shoegaze/post-hardcore band Blame Art stream their new double single »Simbionti / Sorgenti«

Milan, Italy based noise/shoegaze/post-hardcore trio Blame Art has just released their new double single »Simbionti / Sorgenti« on October 13th, 2023 via Harker Tapes, Non Ti Seguo Records, No Funeral Records, Clever Eagle Records and Dancing Rabbit Records.

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01. Simbionti
02. Sorgenti

Recorded by Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio.
Mixed by Fabio Intraina and Marco Caproni.
Mastered by Giovanni Versari.
Artwork by Alice Porro.

Courtesy of Delta – Ramificazioni Culturali:

Double single released on 13 October 2023 by Harker Tapes / Non Ti Seguo Records / No Funeral Records / Clever Eagle Records / Dancing Rabbit Records.

»Simbionti / Sorgenti« is the new double single by Blame Art, two complementary tracks where the dark bile of incomprehensibility flows, in an endless stream that takes us from alt-rock to screamo.

»Simbionti« is an emo-inspired crescendo that recalls adolescence: a structure that goes from innocent to corrupted because of a lack of communication. There’s a missing interlocutor, someone to listen to, to relate to. In these gaps, fear flows pervasively. The response is physical: a screamo in which words dissolve into the increasingly tangled musical substance. Just like symbionts, organisms that live in symbiosis, the voice of Blame Art catalyzes the fears of others, absorbing the chaos of the listener. Now there is an interlocutor who opens its arms and protects from the storm.

On the other hand, »Sorgenti« a song composed when the band was still in the defining phase and which didn’t find a place on the upcoming album. Its existence is linked to »Simbionti« its counterpart. Between the two tracks, there are points of contact in the wide-ranging arpeggios and the crescendo structure, which is why it needed to be accompanied by its sibling. »Sorgenti« is clearly divided into two sections: the first one echoes the band’s early shoegaze influences, while the second approaches the way they express music today. Like the source of their art, the track traces the musical journey that brought Blame Art to this point, to not forget where they came from.

»Simbionti / Sorgenti« will be released in a limited edition on tape by the independent label harker tapes. The track »Simbionti« will then be included in their first album, set to be released in early 2024 by Non Ti Seguo Records, No Funeral Records (CA), Clever Eagle Records (USA) and Dancing Rabbit Records (DE).

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