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Italian post-hardcore/shoegaze band Selflore releases their new single »Lavanda«

Milan, Italy based post-hardcore/shoegaze band Selflore has unveiled their new single »Lavanda«. Listen to the single on all major streaming platforms!

»Lavanda« is the second single taken from the band’s upcoming debut album, »L’immagine che ho di me«, which will be released on September 29th, 2023 via Non Ti Seguo Records / Dancing Rabbit Records / Engineer Records / Fireflies Fall / È un brutto posto dove vivere.

Courtesy of Delta – Ramificazioni Culturali:

»Lavanda« is the new single from Selflore: the Italian band takes us by the hand into the distorted tale of a sleep disturbed by our every failure.

A troubled night balanced on the thin thread between sleep and wakefulness, the time when we are most vulnerable to remorse and regret concerning our loved ones and life choices. The imagery of the song is part of a broader concept developed throughout the album about the consequences of becoming an adult in an environment that is no longer on a human scale, where self-perception is shaped by the many distortions present in contemporary society.

An acoustic guitar lights up the intro and suspends for a few seconds the soundscape to which the band has accustomed us. The voice enters alone, always hoarse and scratchy but this time more calm and empathetic, joined shortly after by the whole band. »Lavanda« is a more melodic mid tempo track, one of the few moments of respite the album allows itself, swaying smoothly towards the closing instrumental in which a melody punctuated by synths gently bids us farewell.

Photo by Lorena Palazzolo // Eleonora Morlacchi

After the release of a few tracks later included in an initial EP pressed on tape, the band released the singles »Ragnatela« and »Lavanda« to launch their first album »L’immagine che ho di me«. The record will come up on 29 September 2023 released by Non Ti Seguo Records (IT), Dancing Rabbit Records (DE), Engineer Records (UK), Fireflies Fall (FR) and È un brutto posto dove vivere (IT).

Selflore is a post-hardcore band infused with shoegaze and electronic influences. The sounds and words are the result of thoughts condensed in a damp autumn, in which to find warmth in oneself and in each other. The band was born as a new starting point for four musicians from the DIY scene who chose to give more depth and color to their musical pursuit. A growth impetus, fermented in the period of full social distancing of the pandemic, that generates a project with a new consciousness, more reflective and aware.

The emocore/hardcore punk sounds of previous projects (WASA and La Pioggia Su) are mixed and contaminated with influences from the four members’ varied and mainly foreign listening, leading to a more free and dynamic research: a kind of instable and never quiet maturity. Formed in 2021 in Milan, they released two singles in March and June 2022, released a third single (Title Fight cover) in April 2023, and are currently working on the release of their first album. All released singles have been posted for a minimum period of 1 month in the editorial playlist of Spotify Rock Italia.

Influences: Modern Color, Narrow Head, Teenage Wrist, Ovlov, Title Fight, Hum, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr.

Lyrics and music by Selflore.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Trai Studio.
Graphic identity of Lorena Palazzolo.
Photos of the artwork by dakuburu_koinobori_film.
Promotional photos by Lorena Palazzolo edited by Eleonora Morlacchi.

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