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Italian stoner/psych rock collective Ananda Mida release a lyric video for new single »The Stumbling Doll«!

Italian stoner/psych rock collective Ananda Mida has released a lyric video for new single »The Stumbling Doll« taken from their upcoming album, »Reconciler«, due out on November 3rd, 2023 via Go Down Records.

01. Stormy Lady (feat. Quiet Confusion)
02. Lucifer’s Wind (feat. Virtual Time)
03. Reconciling
04. Swamp Thing
05. Never Surrender (feat. Virtual Time)
06. Following The Light (feat. Lu Silver)
07. Reconciling (Reprise)
08. Doom And The Medicine Man [Part V – VIII]
V – The Future
VI – The Stumbling Doll
VII – The Ghost In The Machine
VIII – Otherlives

Courtesy of All Noir PR:

Psych rock collective Ananda Mida is set to release their third album, titled »Reconciler«, on November 3 through Go Down Records. Following the recent release of their first single »Swamp Thing«, the band now presents their latest track »The Stumbling Doll«. Accompanying the song is a newly released lyric video, which you can watch here!

Ananda Mida on »The Stumbling Doll«: “The song is the sixth part of the »Doom And The Medicine Man« suite, which began with the previous album »Cathodnatius« and continues in this new one »Reconciler«. It represents our sweeter and more sentimental side, with its simple and innocent feel. It stands out well from the rest of the suite thanks to Conny Ochs’ vocals and Stefano Paski’s Hammond. On stage, we will ask the audience to turn on their smartphone lights to set the mood by creating an intimate time.”

»Reconciler« marks the final act of a trilogy inspired by Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff’s book, »Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson«, and his profound thoughts. Originally planning to release three records, Ananda Mida’s founders, Max Ear and Matteo Pablo Scolaro, collaborated with artist and friend Eeviac to create a concept album trilogy. The first two albums in the series, »Anodnatius« and »Cathodnatius«, explored themes of Holy Affirmation and Holy Denial respectively. Now, with »Reconciler«, the band delves into the theme of Holy Reconciliation. During the making of »Reconciler«, one of the band members experienced both the joyous grace of birth and the deep mourning of death. These significant life events have greatly influenced the reconciliatory intent behind this record. With eight tracks spanning over 83 minutes of music, »Reconciler« showcases a diverse range of emotions and musical styles.

The album features an instrumental song titled »Reconciling«, while five other tracks are performed by talented singers. In addition to Ananda Mida’s core members, twelve artists from Go Down Records’ musical gang have contributed their talents to this record. This collaboration not only fulfills the band founders’ vision but also serves as a tribute to their independent label, which has been a hub for talent and passion over the past two decades. Ananda Mida’s sound is deeply rooted in 70s rock, infused with desert and psychedelic grooves. Since their formation in 2015, the band has performed with various lineups, ranging from three to six members, both instrumental and featuring singers. Their unique blend of influences has garnered them a dedicated following within the stoner and psychedelic rock community.

»Reconciler« will be out on November 3 via Go Down Records and is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION!

Ananda Mida are Davide Bressan, Max Ear, Conny Ochs, Pablo Scolaro and Alessandro Tedesco.

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