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Listen to the debut album »Occvlta Caerimonia Putridvm« by Chilean death/doom metal one-man band Miasma Of Occvlt Limbs!

Chilean death/doom metal one-man band Miasma Of Occvlt Limbs has released debut album »Occvlta Caerimonia Putridvm« on March 12, 2023 in digital format.

01. Devorant Corpus Meum in Tenebris Putridum
02. CasdaMósfrénO(((alas
03. (Portal) Con las Vísceras Expuestas la Iluminación Cadavérica me Sacraliza

Death/doom metal band from Talca, Chile, hatching by the darkness, death, gore, rituals, occvltism, vampirism, catacombs, dungeons & obscure mythology. The band uses black metal, drone doom and dark ambient elements, imbued in the total obscurity of the unknown.

“Debut album by Miasma of Occvlt Limbs, after the debut single released in 2021 prayed by a single necrotic parishioner.

These pieces imbued with evil and mysticism invoke 3 forgotten unknown demons but have remained for incalculable times in force and waiting for the cursed one who can summon them. There are three elegies bathed in a dense, chaotic, black, vomiting, bloodthirsty and devouring atmosphere of attrition. The duration of the songs curse the perception of time for the listener, being passages for the worst of the human race, insignificant, charred and self-injurious; slowness in its archaisms and enchantments in its Hebrew songs. The guitars are a majestic heavy spelling of sin, dance with the slowness of the percussion, transporting to a trance that in a blink of the being become explosive blasphemies. The bass guitar remains buried in a plane outside the earthly but that devours the essence of the blessed. The chants range from visceral whispers to resonances from the spirit’s sarcophagus that echo in screams from the inverted catacombs.

The predominant style is death doom metal but hints of drone doom, dark ambient, black metal and sludge doom can be glimpsed, rotting your soul and spreading a cadaverous stench. The void will become more present than ever. Experimentation is one of the sores of blackness that are part of the infinite corpses, they invite you into their sinful and execrated womb. On the other hand, each hook will destroy your flesh and you will be food for the nameless, the humiliated. Your stomach will empty and it will be easy to burn in the offering.

This work, for the moment, remains purely digital and without a label.


Logo by Nox Fragor Artworks.
Art by Alak Drakon Artworks.

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