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Mark James Hammond & The Slender Blind released their second full-length album »Cast Off«

American alternative rock/grunge act Mark James Hammond & The Slender Blind presents their second full-length album, »Cast Off«, which was self-released on February 25th, 2022.

01. The Night Hag
02. From Whose Womb Comes The Isolato?
03. Apropos Of One
04. Not A Worry
05. No Need
06. Kill Yr Darlings
07. Tabula Rasa
08. Yours To Keep
09. Suffocate
10. Cast Off
11. Glass Coffin
12. He Likes Vonnegut

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Mark James Hammond & The Slender Blind.

If, like Narc Magazine put it, 2018’s »Nothing Stays Put« was “Contemplative dream pop” then MJH&TSB have had that reverie powerfully interrupted and blackened by a bloodcurdling nightmare. The immersive qualities of the songwriting that were lauded on the 2018 release still abide but with »Cast Off« the listener is not so much immersed as bound in a night terror of screaming, layered guitars (think Jerry Cantrell) and consumed deep into the bleak nullity of the mind submerged. MJH&TSB have written an album that chronicles five years of intense psychotherapeutic training and personal therapy. This is the story of the slow and painful process of discarding all the stories you’ve ever told yourself and embarking on a night sea voyage.

Photo by Jason Hayles

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