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Mexican stoner rock trio Fuzz Brigade presents their debut album »Rey de la Muerte«

Mexican stoner rock trio Fuzz Brigade presents their debut album, »Rey de la Muerte«, which just dropped on June 25th, 2022.

01. Rey de la Muerte (Der Todesking)
02. Shot In The Head
03. Valley Of Blood
04. Resurrección
05. SpeedBall
06. Pazuzu Rising
07. Selva Extrema!!

Fuzz Brigade is a Mexican stoner rock band formed in 2014 in Mexico City by Ademark Pérez, Alfredo Guzmán and Adín Guzmán.

They are considered experimental since their influences are not limited to a single genre since until now their musical pieces range from rock, stoner, sludge, doom and 90s heavy rock (grunge) and that they are distinguished by having in their set only material own composition.

Forged with members of different projects, some extinct, some still avant-garde, however, Ademark (ex-Powetrip), has focused on maintaining and shaping a combination of raw riffs, powerful bass lines, with low notes and tunings, sounds at the wrong time and rhythms of different structures, along with the Guzman brothers (La pinche Hysteria) Alfred on drums taking the tracks to another level giving great power and technique to the drums and Adín who through psychedelic riffs achieve a great synergy with the band.

»Rey de la Muerte«, the first Fuzz Brigade’s full-length, many song were worked and created by Ademark after he started his way out of the legendary Mexican stoner band Powetrip, its a tribute to horror films and personal experiences with the talent of guzman bros who joined Ademark to form the fuzz brigade trio, come and join us the brigade.


Fuzz Brigade is:
Ademark Pérez – Composition, Bass, Backing Vocals
Alfredo Guzmán – Drums
Adín Guzmán – Guitar, Lead Vocals

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