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Norwegian stoner/doom metal band Bismarck sign with Majestic Mountain Records!

Photo by Anders Trier-Vaage

Bergen, Norway based stoner/doom metal band Bismarck has just signed with Majestic Mountain Records for the release of their third full-length album »Vourukasha«.

Courtesy of Majestic Mountain Records:

One question we always ask ourselves at MMR HQ when listening to music we are considering for the label is, ‘Is it, Majestic?’

When we can answer that definitively, we know we have a winner.

The twists and turns through what constitutes a band or submission being Majestic are many and varied and we are certainly not fond of keeping to any framework or ‘formula’ in accomplishing our goal to bring you the best in fuzzy, heavy, goodness.

One thing is for sure, our next signing announcement represents the Majestic spirit hands down. This is a band that’s long been on our radar and in our hearts.

MMR are pleased to bring you Norway’s Bismarck as the newest members of the Majestic crew.

An uncompromising group of unbelievable substance, bringing obscene amounts of heavy with impeccable vision, pristine production, and unshakable delivery. Majestic? Yes.

Bismarck is a formidable act on stage and off with two incredible releases under its belt since its inception in 2015. The third, a full length of immense tension and atmosphere is forthcoming this spring with details to come. For now, we give you its title and usher in a new era of Bismarck out upon the world.

Bismarck comments: “This a step in the right direction for us! Majestic Mountain Records are burning like a bright flame for the bands on their roster! We are really looking forward to what the future brings and we’re beyond stoked to sign a deal with this hardworking and great label!

The album »Vourukasha« is for us a natural successor to »Oneiromancer«. It’s still influenced by ancient Persian mythology, it has all you expect from us, and then some more.”

“And then some” is the key here. »Vourukasha« is not only a natural progression for the band but it succeeds in taking us through an expanded journey of the Bismarck universe full of gripping mystic allegory and through vast peaks and valleys of abject heaviness drenched in electric, emotive delivery with pristine production.

Please give Bismarck a warm welcome to the Majestic roster, we’re thrilled to be a part of Bergen’s heaviest doom merchant’s next chapter as we give »Vourukasha« the Majestic treatment for release this coming Summer.

And if you are lucky enough to be in Oslo tonight, see them absolutely level the crypt at Høstsabbat!
Thanks so much for all your support, Majestic Crew.
More to come, stay tuned! 🔥🖤

Bismarck is:
Torstein Nørstegård Tveiten – Vocals
Eirik Goksøyr – Guitars
Trygve Svarstad – Guitars
Anders Vaage – Bass
Tore Lyngstad – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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