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Nuit d’Encre dropped their second album »De L’autre Côté« via Bitume Prods, available now on CD and in digital format!

Paris, France based sludge/doom/post-metal project Nuit d’Encre stream their second album, »De L’autre Côté«, which just dropped on October 7th, 2022 via Bitume Prods.

01. Mille Lieux Hostiles
02. L’être Morte
03. L’enfant Ephémère
04. De L’autre Côté
05. Les Sangs Abris
06. A Travers Les Ombres
07. Faim D’un Rêve
08. Incertain Jour

Mixed by Etienne Sarthou
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg
Artwork by CeD

Courtesy of Bitume Prods:

Nuit d’Encre is the musical project of a single man which brings us into a universe where sludge, doom and post-metal influences merge with brighter atmospheres with post-rock tints.

After several projects with bands ranging from metal to progressive rock (concerts at La Maroquinerie, Sceaux guitar festival, concerts in Dijon, Paris, …, and an EP with Fused Box / Rock-Prog), Franswa Felt decided to compose and record »Sans Maux Dire…«, Nuit d’Encre’s first album.

Mixed and mastered by Edgard Chevallier at Lower Tones Place Studio in the Paris area, »Sans Maux Dire…« was released in March 2020 in self-production. Welcomed by very good reviews, the 7 titles follow a rather dark and heavy guideline, on the border between a doom and a post-metal filled with various influences.

»De L’autre Côté«, the project’s second album will be available as CD digipack via the associative Bitume label as well as on Bandcamp and the streaming platforms from October 7th.

Two years after »Sans Maux Dire…«, the Nuit d’Encre project delivers its second album: »De L’autre Côté«. He manages through eight pieces, to guide us into a musical world with a very personal and original identity. The Parisian musician who performs all the guitar, bass and keyboard parts, depicts soundscapes with varied climates.

Powerful and melodic, »De L’autre Côté« alternately combines atmospheres reminiscent of Crowbar, Cult Of Luna, or pg.lost. Entirely instrumental, the universe of Nuit d’Encre is captivating, powerful and profound. Mixed by Etienne Sarthou (AqME, Karras, Freitot) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

»De L’autre Côté« the new album of the sludge/doom/post-metal project Nuit d’Encre is now available as CD digipack as well as on Bandcamp:

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