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Spanish doom/post-metal band Ikarie stream their sophomore album »Arde«, out now via Avantgarde Music

Spanish doom/post-metal band Ikarie stream their sophomore album, »Arde«, which was just released on March 17th, 2023 via Avantgarde Music on CD, LP and digitally. Cassette tapes are handeled by Vita Detestabilis Records and Fiadh Productions.

01. Sacrificio
02. Santa Sangre
03. La Sed
04. 40 Días
05. Surcos (Ciutat Morta)
06. Kanno Sugako
07. Tomie
08. Arde
09. Titane II
10. Flores En El Asfalto

Courtesy of Metaversus PR:

Spanish doom/post-metal six-piece Ikarie is back with their sophomore album »Arde«, two years after the acclaimed debut »Cuerpos En Sombra«.

Ikarie about the new album »Arde«: “This trilogy is about the construction of a victim and their monsters, something that continues to be a taboo in our society as we only have classic representations in the collective imagination of perfect victims and perverse monsters, and the suffering that does not fit this profile is constantly silenced and neglected by science, our institutions, and political representatives, which means that we will also not know how to recognize ourselves as such and this is where its gravity lies. This is why we needed to narrate and politicize it.

This trilogy is the story of a life journey of several generations of women, and therefore their families, going through many of these untold pains that we need to name so that they stop repeating themselves over and over again, as slow and thoughtful as the music we make.

This second installment tells the transformative rage that can occur when we become aware of what has happened to us and what we have become, of how what used to embarrass us can now build and empower us. We believe that this process can be very positive for change, but to regain dignity and heal wounds, we must be able to speak of them with understanding and compassion, both in people and places.

Arde tells various stories of pain and rage that place the listener in a scenario where the concept of the banality of evil by Hannah Arendt is represented as a steamroller, the idea that the human being is capable of doing the worst actions if they are in an environment where these actions are normalized, and that is why letting one’s guard down is so dangerous.

Here we cite some of the keys and sources of inspiration for our album. We hope you like it, thank you very much!”

Avantgarde Music released »Arde« on CD, LP, and digital platforms on March 17th. Find digital orders at Bandcamp HERE. Get cassete tape via Vita Detestabilis Records HERE and Fiadh Productions HERE.

Music by Daniel G. Lyrics and concept by María V. Riaño.
Produced by Daniel Gil and María V. Riaño.
Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Gil at 7Barbas Studio.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios.
Cover art by Deborah Sheedy.

Ikarie is:
Daniel Gil – Guitar
María V. Riaño – Bass
Pablo Egido – Vocals
Paco Porcel – Guitar
Dom Santoro – Drums
Luis Albadalejo – Guitar

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