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Spanish instrumental stoner rockers Buxa premiere a music video for their new single »Si, quero«!

Photos by Siradella Films

O Grove, Spain based instrumental stoner rock band Buxa celebrates today’s World Environment Day with a music video for their new single »Si, quero«.

Video was directed by Buxa’s Alex R. Moreira and edited by the band. They only had external collaboration in the aerial videos taken at a landfill in Indonesia, which are from an online image repository.

It deals with the irresponsible generation and management of waste and some of the problems arising from this situation, and shows the band’s contribution to raise awareness in society about the importance of stopping unsustainable development and degradation of our planet.

Buxa elaborates: “Countries with high per capita GDP take advantage of most of the natural resources available on our planet, which are obviously finite, to promote a lifestyle based on an economy that encourages the production of goods and their consumption in pursuit of perpetual growth. The more resource exploitation and goods production increases, the greater the amount of waste generated. These wastes are treated unequally depending on the territory in which they end up, and those who are least to blame for these excesses of consumption suffer the consequences. Countries with lower per capita GDP have become major importers of garbage from rich countries. In some cases, more than 90% of the garbage accumulates and/or is burned outdoors in large landfills due to the absence of effective waste management systems. There, the most bitter face is presented by more than 15 million informal waste collectors. Most of them are women, children, elderly people, unemployed or migrants who live among and from the remains of society, in unhealthy conditions, with a lack of social protection or health insurance and with a persistent social stigma. Many times they do it just a few meters away from the most obscene luxury. Its necessary to deeply reform and rethink the entire production and consumption chain, as well as to stop the resource-consuming and waste-generating lifestyle in quantities that our planet cannot bear. The time to act is now!”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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