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Swedish heavy blues/stoner rock duo Molosser Crude share live performance video for their latest single »Bye Bye Grace«

Uråsa, Sweden based heavy blues/stoner rock duo Molosser Crude featuring drummer/singer Tess and guitarist Jahn share a music video for their latest single »Bye Bye Grace« performed live in the studio. »Bye Bye Grace« was released on July 29th, 2023 via Evil Ear.

Courtesy of Evil Ear:

Beauty meets brutality in Swedish duo Molosser Crude’s doom-psych-stoner anthem »Bye Bye Grace«

Swedish power duo Molosser Crude combine the energy and heavy riffing of bands like Kyuss and Unsane with influences that range from old delta blues rawness to sizzling noise. Add the powerful, melodic vocals of drummer Tess and you might get an idea of what this duo creates with the unlikely set-up of an electric drum kit and a thirties-style jazz guitar run through three amplifiers at once.

In Molosser Crude’s new live-in-the-studio video, beauty meets brutality on a visual as well as a musical level. The song – heavier and darker than anything the Swedish power duo has released to date – counters the rock-grinding riffs from guitarist Jahn’s archtop guitar with strong, melodious vocals from hard-hitting drummer Tess. The video departs a bit from the flat-out documentary footage of earlier videos – we still get to see Molosser Crude perform their full-bodied, heavy rock on just vocals, guitar and drums, live and in one take, but interspersed with these clips is another story. It features the power play between three former residents of Molosser Farm – a potentially deadly dance with performers weighing in at around half a ton each, and a perfect embodiment of the interplay between weight and lightness, beauty and brutality that also can be heard in Molosser Crude’s music.

»Bye Bye Grace« is actually a re-recording of the first song that Molosser Crude released (in video format only) a little more than a year ago. But where the old version – removed from YouTube now, to avoid confusion – had a lighter, somewhat tentative energy, this one features a far more mature and self-assured Molosser Crude, at ease in their sound and their vision of what can be wrung out of a minimal set-up like theirs.

Earlier this year, Molosser Crude experienced an annoying setback when the majority of a batch of live-in-the-studio recordings turned out to have unfixable issues with the drum tracks, and later when a computer crash wiped out other recordings. It was possible to salvage »Bye Bye Grace«, though, and production-wise it is perhaps the best Molosser Crude release yet.

Drummer/singer Tess is not too worried about the lost recordings, though: “We have spent the summer rehearsing our live set and doing some really great gigs, with both old and new material, and everything has just become better, tighter and even more dynamic in the process. When we start recording again, the result will be far better than what we’ve done before, so in a way it’s actually a blessing that it turned out like this.”

And record they will – this time for a “real” album, rather than the live recordings issued so far. The process will probably be pretty similar, though – recording the music together and in one take – but adding the vocals later, as well as possibly some overdubs if needed. Also, more live gigs are brewing – no set dates just as yet, but these will be posted at the Evil Ear website as final plans are laid.

So – keep your eyes and ears open, Molosser Crude will give you more to fill them with!

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