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Swiss noise rockers Asbest release new single »Cyanide For Breakfast« taken from their upcoming album »Cyanide«

Basel, Switzerland based noise rockers Asbest have released new single and closing track »Cyanide For Breakfast« taken from their upcoming album, »Cyanide«, due out on May 19th, 2023 via A Tree In A Field Records and Czar Of Crickets Productions.

01. Autodigestion
02. Dystopium
03. Hubris
04. Interlude I
05. Declaration Of Defenselessness
06. Mutually Assured Reduction
07. Restraining Order
08. Interlude II
09. Cyanide For Breakfast

Courtesy of Czar Of Crickets Productions:

Asbest – »Cyanide For Breakfast« // New single now available

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The song »Cyanide For Breakfast« comes from Asbest’s upcoming album »Cyanide«, which will be released through A Tree In A Field Records and Czar Of Crickets Productions on May 19th 2023.

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A few thoughts about the new single by Asbest: “In »Cyanide For Breakfast« we tried to explore the connection between the requirements of a pathological society and mental health. We feel that an increasing amount of people need to ingest a cocktail of psychotropic drugs to survive everyday life. While we advocate people getting the help they need we feel that this development is treating the symptoms rather than the cause. An while we do not want to encourage suicide in any way we believe that fatalistically accepting the harmful status quo is also a way of giving up and denying yourself a life that is worth living.”

About Asbest:

In 2018, noise rock band Asbest appeared out of nowhere with their debut album «Driven», which received highly positive reviews internationally (Visions: 9/12, “A combination of Metz’s or Pissed Jeans’s rawness with openness for experiments like A Place To Bury Strangers, underscored by shoegaze elements”). The blog bprodukt wrote: “Never before have cold post-punk, passionate noise rock and hypnotic shoegaze been combined so naturally”.

Connected to the LGBTQIA+ movement (people discriminated against by the patriarchy due to their sexual orientation or gender identity), Asbest use their follow-up album »Cyanide« to condemn the compulsions of modern society: pressure to succeed, self-optimisation, self-exploitation. They explore the question: Is it possible to lead a truly happy existence within a diseased reality without denying oneself or the circumstances? To quote Adorno: Is there a right life in the wrong one?

Asbest lineup:
Robyn Trachsel – Vocals, Guitar
Judith Breitinger – Vocals, Bass
Jonas Häne – Drums

For fans of Spectres, Metz, A Place To Bury Strangers, Girl Band, Swans, Sonic Youth

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