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Troll Teeth presents their brand new full-length album »Hanged, Drawn & Quartered«, out today via Electric Talon Records

New Jersey-based stoner doom outfit Troll Teeth presents their brand new full-length album, »Hanged, Drawn & Quartered«, which will be released today, March 11th, 2022 via Electric Talon Records.

01. Hand Me Down
02. Elephant In The Room
03. Gallows On The Playground
04. Expect Nothing, Receive Nothing
05. Move
06. Out Of The World
07. Notes From The Post Colonial
08. Your Hands Are Red

New Jersey doom metal trio consisting of Moe, Pretty Boy, and Thuds. Troll Teeth, in one form or another, has been bringing devastatingly heavy riffs to the masses since 2012 and show no sign of stopping until everyone is crushed beneath the weight of their massive, down-tuned doom.

Following up their most successful release »Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing« (2020), Troll Teeth is trying to push the envelope further with »Hanged, Drawn & Quartered« (2022). The band got together with the idea of making their sludgiest album yet while keeping a hard focus on the political and social commentary with their lyrics. The album was partly inspired by the philosophy of Achille Mbembe, originator of the term “Necropolitics” that tries to look critically at the modern world and what (and who) it was built on top of.

»Hanged, Drawn & Quartered« is available now on CD and all major digital platforms via Electric Talon Records.

Listen & buy:

Photos by Dante Torrieri

Quotes on the release:

Peter Trafalski: “I just wanted my guitar to go ‘Dang.’ There was a lot of challenges in doing that, but in the end I just tried to transcribe the cosmic energy and concept of consciousness down through the imitation of time & space into some waves of stardust.”

Kyle “Thuds” Applebaum: “»Hanged, Drawn & Quartered« was a blast. We really got to sit down and experiment with how we write and record songs. I think with this album, you can really hear our development & growth as musicians and song writers.”

J.W. “Moe” Eccles: “This album is a lot of firsts for us. First time recording to a metronome. First time trying vocal harmonies. First time writing songs while recording instead of flushing them out before we record. I think it’s a big step forward for us and I’m excited to see how people respond to it. It kind of feels like a culmination of things but we’re really just getting started as a band”

Recorded by Troll Teeth.
Mixed by Richard Bukowski and Neil Cote at Groundwork Sound.
Mastered by Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro.

Troll Teeth is:
J.W. “Moe” Eccles – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Peter “Pretty Boy” Trafalski – Guitar
Kyle “Thuds Mackenzie” Applebaum – Drums

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