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UK one-man progressive/alternative rock band The Animal State release new single and music video »Mausoleum« taken from the upcoming album

Portsmouth, UK based one-man progressive/alternative rock band The Animal State has released new single and music video »Mausoleum« taken from the upcoming album.

“A journey between Mastodon and King Crimson – loud, metamorphic and with an irresistible driving energy!”

The Animal State is a one-piece progressive metal and alternative rock band created in 2017 by multi-instrumentalist song-writer Col Mullins. Drawing from a wide range of influences spanning multiple genres, his music could be placed somewhere on the rock spectrum between Tool and The Smashing Pumpkins.

His debut album »Genus« was a conceptual offering driven forward by powerful and compelling riffs and lyrically underscored with a dark and provocative narrative, each song progressing along an evolving trajectory with a relentless momentum toward a climactic end.

​With his follow-up album, »Ego«, The Animal State has taken a giant leap forward as a songwriter and producer. Falling back on his grunge and alternative rock roots, »Ego« veers away from the longer progressive structures of his debut album »Genus« and moves towards shorter and punchier compositions. But it’s the production itself which separates this album from its predecessor. Influenced and inspired by the great rock albums of the early 90s – »Nevermind«, »Siamese Dream«, »Superunknown« – The Animal State has produced an album which is tight and polished without losing any of the raw energy so prevalent in the debut.

His new album, set to be released in June 2023, continues along that vein of 90s alternative rock – but he has returned to the conceptual format, reintroducing some longer, more progressive songs which might be more familiar to fans of Tool or Elder.

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