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US funeral doom metal band Hearse presents their debut album »Traipse Across The Empty Graves«, out now via Sinistrari Records

US occult funeral doom metal band Hearse released their debut album, entitled »Traipse Across The Empty Graves«, on January 25th, 2022 via Sinistrari Records.

01. A Pinebox Penance
02. Groans Below
03. The Wraith In The Fog
04. Whispers Of Sorrow
05. The Hopeless Realm
06. His Masjesty
07. Coma
08. The Nightmare Have Come
09. In The Abstract Abyss

Sinistrari Records presents the debut full-length album »Traipse Across The Empty Graves« by funeral doom metal bulldozers Hearse, featuring veteran musicians from the east coast Ordog (ex-Crucifier, ex-Bludgeon) and The Black Lourde of Crucifixion (Crucifier, Abhomine, Masada, ex-Bludgeon, ex-Grand Belial’s Key). Expect nothing less than the groans from a coffin-birth!!!

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The area around Chester, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware is not only known for its industrial wasteland, racketeering, gambling and prostitution. It is also where the funeral doom band Hearse was given a painful coffin-birth. Underneath the mechanized noise of shipbuilding, the manufacture of iron beams and boilers, and the production of bricks and chemical dumping sites, comes the sound of Hearse’s funeral doom metal.

• »Plague & Disease… Holocaust & Armageddon« (Demo, 1997)
• »So Shines A Good Deed In A Weary World« (Demo, 1999)
• »The Deadest Demos« (Compilation, 2000)
• »Traipse Across The Empty Graves« (CD/LP, 2022)

Hearse is:
Cazz Grant “The Black Lourde of Crucifixion” – Drums, Vocals
Vince “Ordog” Papi – Guitars, Bass
Gelal Necrosodomy – Guitars

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