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US hard rock quintet DownShift to unleash new full-length album »One In The Chamber« on November 17th; singles »Give It To You« and »Lose It« streaming!

Indiana-based hard rock quintet DownShift is gearing up to unleash their new full-length album »One In The Chamber« on November 17th, 2023. The band deliver a dynamic blend of raw and heavy instrumentation mixed with melodic and catchy vocals.

Singles »Give It To You« and »Lose It« from DownShift’s upcoming album were already released recently.

01. Give It To You
02. Bombs Away
03. Lose It
04. Never Gonna
05. Here We Come
06. Ready To Run
07. Bite The Barrel
08. One In The Chamber
09. Nothing To Lose
10. Terminal
11. One Of A Kind

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Diving head first into heavy groove riffs, »Give It To You« kicks off »One In The Chamber« with chorus hooks and distortion fueled guitars. Followed by the rhythmic »Bombs Away«, the heavy chords and energetic percussion are sure to get you moving. DownShift combine rock ‘n’ roll vibes with their own powerful sound, with the likes of »Here We Come« and the album’s title track, »One In The Chamber« bringing whiskey-soaked good times and guitar solos. The album also ventures into darker and more personal subjects in »Bite The Barrel«.

“[It] was written after coming through one of the darkest times in my life.” explains vocalist Jordan Payne. “Feeling like I couldn’t take one more thing, I remember feeling as if i had a metaphorical gun to my head just waiting to pull the trigger. The phrase ‘bite the barrel’ is intended to mean the the other option is to ‘bite the bullet’. It’s almost a way of saying, “keep hanging on, you’ll get through this eventually.”

Payne also shares the meaning behind »Terminal«, “[it] could almost be a mission statement for the band. For one, it was the first song written for the project and for two, its meaning is kind of our driving force behind starting and continuing this project.”

He elaborates: “[t]he whole idea behind the song is that most people spend their days expecting to wake up tomorrow. And in doing so, people tend to put off doing the things they really want to do. Maybe it’s a dead end job you hate or extra weight that’s physically and mentally holding you back. Whatever it is, the song is a call to people to realize that we are only here once. Today isn’t coming back, and tomorrow isn’t promised. So this is the time to stand up and do the things you want to do, because sooner or later, we’re all terminal.”

About DownShift:
DownShift started as a brain child between vocalist/guitarist Jordan Payne and guitarist Aaron Parrett. Over the course of a few years, they wrote and recorded the album »One In The Chamber« and set out to build a band around the project. A few times they nearly threw in the towel but, in the fall of 2022, they completed the perfect line-up and started the rehearsal process. Over the last year the band has grown musically, but even more so became a cohesive unit that builds on each others strengths. On August 5th of 2023 they ‘went live’ with their singles of »Lose It« with a music video and »Give It To You«. The outfit are preparing to take their music to the stage and have started booking gigs for the remainder of the year and 2024.

DownShift is:
Jordan Payne – Vocals / Guitar
Aaron Parrett – Guitar
Jordan McAdams – Drums / Backing Vocals
Austin Ellison – Bass
Clayton Barber – Guitar

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