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US psychedelic rock/synth doom duo Hope Hole released their sophomore album »Beautiful Doom«

Toledo, Ohio based psychedelic rock/synth doom duo Hope Hole has just released their sophomore album »Beautiful Doom« on March 5th, 2023.

01. Spirits On The Radio
02. 600 Years
03. Common Sense
04. Beautiful Doom
05. Sinking (The Cure)
06. Chopping Me
07. Mutant Dynamo
08. Pyrokinetic
09. Cities Of Gold

“Once upon a time there was hope. Until we threw it all down that hole over there. Come closer. Lie down in the dirt. Hang your head over the edge of the abyss. Do you hear that? It calls. What sweet music they make.”

Hope Hole is a doom project as envisioned through the collective mind of two brothers M.A. Snyder and Mohom Mullholand.

»Beautiful Doom« is a sophomore album from Toledo, Ohio’s doom duo Hope Hole. We see the band exploring a more psychedelic terrain with synthesizer accents, as well as tuning down a half step from the debut »Death Can Change«. Cognitive friction and PTSD recovering from religious indoctrinations of youth. Christopher Hitchens is sorely missed. Album artwork once again by Jason Ward.

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