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American dungeon death/doom trio Cultic presents their new maxi-single »Seducer«, out now via Eleventh Key

American dungeon death/doom trio Cultic presents their new maxi-single, »Seducer«, which was just released on July 20th, 2023 via Eleventh Key.

01. Seducer +
02. Seduced ~
Bonus Track: Seduced (Demo)*

*Available only on CD-r
~ Guest Vocals by Rachel Robison
+ Bass by Reese Harlacker

Courtesy of Qabar PR:

York, PA-based dungeon death/doom act Cultic returns with their maxi-single, »Seducer«. Released on lathe-cut 7-inch record, CD-r, and digital platforms on 20 July via Eleventh Key, the two-track release perfectly transitions between their last album, »Of Fire And Sorcery«, and the next chapter of their tome.

Comments Brian Magar (guitar & vocals): “»Seducer« revolves around an archetypal sex witch possessing powers capable of either exalting or devastating her victims. We believe it serves as a perfect segway into our next album, where we will share tales of individuals immersed in our high fantasy universe.”

Adds Andrew Harris (bass): “This was my first journey into the Golden Castle to record for »Seducer«. I almost perished to the sheer heaviness of the riffs. Thankfully my years of conjuring the dark, low-frequency arts did not fail me. The title track »Seducer« features the former bass player who is a dear friend, and I am on »Seduced«, so it serves as nice passing of the baton. And now we will take this baton and beat to a bloody, lifeless pulp all who dare enter the Tower. This is only the beginning. YOU ARE SEDUCED!!!”

Find the maxi-single on your preferred digital/streaming platforms at THIS LOCATION.
Order »Seducer« (CD, Vinyl, Digital) and the band merch HERE or HERE (Bandcamp).
Stream »Seducer« on YouTube.

Conjured in 2016 by the husband/wife duo Brian and Rebecca Magar (also part of The Owls A.N.W.T.S), Cultic soon offered the first taste of their wizardry on the Prowler demo in 2017. Recruiting the bassist Reese Harlacker, Cultic traveled further into their outlandish realm, forging two magical, fantasy-infused full-lengths – »High Command« (2019) and »Of Fire And Sorcery« (2022).

Cultic’s new maxi-single, »Seducer«, is a thrilling journey through the dark and gritty world of dungeon metal with a spellbinding blend of death-doom, black metal, martial industrial, and dungeon synth. The mystical world of Cultic’s high fantasy tales has been condensed into the enigmatic figure of the »Seducer« – an alluring sex witch possessing a deadly combination of magic and prowess, who is capable of both exalting and destroying her victims. The cover art (created by Cultic Drummer Rebecca Magar) embodies this formidable character.

The maxi-single took four years to complete and was initially planned to be released as a split single. The song »Seducer« was recorded shortly after the band’s debut album »High Command«, while »Seduced« was recorded three-and-a-half years later. Notably, the song »Seduced« marks the first time the band recorded with Andrew Harris, their new bassist, who is also a member of Baltimore’s prominent proto-metal band Alms.

Cultic has been concentrating on creating new material with lyrical content that revolves around individual characters from their unique high fantasy lore.

Cultic is:
Brian Magar – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, and Arrangements
Rebecca Magar – Drums
Andrew Harris – Bass

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