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American progressive doom metal solo project WytchCrypt released sixth album »Le Triangle des Diables«

American progressive doom metal solo project WytchCrypt has released sixth album »Le Triangle des Diables« on February 3rd, 2023. The new album features a one single song.

01. The Lost Squadron (40:04)

WytchCrypt is progressive doom metal solo project of Dennis Montgomery – most well known for his prog rock band Mutiny In Jonestown. WytchCrypt seeks to combine the influences of doom metal, 70’s progressive rock and the 12 tone theory of classical composer Arnold Schoenberg into something new to explore the genre of progressive doom metal.

Montgomery on the new album: “The previous WytchCrypt album (»Peste de la Mer«) released mid December 2022, ended with an extended 15+ minute song called, »Plague of the Sea«. After releasing that album, I wondered what it would be like to go completely off the deep end and write a concept album made up of a single 40+ minute song. To make things interesting, I leaned on the 12 tone compositional theory of Arnold Schoenberg heavily in this piece. 7 weeks and many sleepless nights later I’m proud to present the next WytchCrypt album, »Le Triangle des Diables«.

The 6th WytchCrypt progressive doom release features a single song called »The Lost Squadron« which tells the mysterious tale of Flight 19. A training squadron of 5 Avenger torpedo bombers which vanished in the Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle, or Le Triangle des Diables) without a trace in 1945. What makes this disappearance even more disturbing is the rescue plane (a PBM Mariner) sent to find the missing 14 crewmen of Flight 19 also vanished without a trace, leaving it’s crew of 13 souls to the same unknown fate.

The lyrics present a possible reality of what could have happened that day as told by the captain of the Mariner.”

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