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American sludge/doom metal trio Mammoth Caravan signs with Blade Setter Records!

Little Rock sludge/doom metal trio Mammoth Caravan has announced that they have signed to Blade Setter Records, an Arkansas-based record label.

The band is currently working with the label on the release of a forthcoming LP that was recorded at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock and mastered by Justin Weis of Trackworx.

The partnership formed in the summer of 2023 in a record store of all places when the band met with label head Kelley Struble at Iron Horse Records in Van Buren, Arkansas before a show in Ft. Smith.

“After the record was finished with mastering, we knew we wanted to work with a label, but we knew that it needed to be the right one. After meeting Kelley and seeing how passionate he is about the process and about our music, it just seemed like a natural partnership. After a few conversations about details of the release, we decided to sign with Blade Setter and we couldn’t be happier about the future for both the band and label.” bassist/vocalist Brandon Ringo said.

“Mammoth Caravan came to my attention through Robert, the guitarist for the band. We met as collectors online and later met at a fest. The band formed through various key meetings and has since poured consistent effort into their time together. I felt the urge to step in because of their drive. Having worked with other bands in different circumstances, this is the only one to willingly take on the same amount of risk for what they want to do. They would never ask for a handout and that’s a big reason why they fit here. Not to mention they do what they truly want to do and that can’t be said for most bands.” Blade Setter Records founder Kelley Struble said.

“This album was all about taking risks. In the previous lineup, everyone saw me as a drummer even though on the off-stage side, I had so much to writing the guitar parts to the first LP and EP, so this was a chance to take a risk and show a new side of MC that we aren’t just a beat down doom band and that we have the ability to grow and showcase new styles and flares. In this new journey, we are able to amp the energy up and also highlight the newest member of our band, Khetner Howton. Signing with BSR was a very easy decision. I have known Kelley for years and with his drive and passion for underground music and the presentation of it, I knew there was no one better to work with the vision of this album. LP#2 is a labor of love and we made sure to have some of the best people on board.” guitarist Robert Warner said.

With a revamped lineup, a retooled sound, and a violent tale of mammoths in space, the band’s next offering promises to be their heaviest and most diverse material yet.

Mammoth Caravan released their full-length debut »Ice Cold Oblivion« in February 2023, followed by the single »I, Megafauna« in August. Listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

“»Ice Cold Oblivion« is burly riff-heavy goodness played by a trio of burly bearded dudes. Mammoth Caravan’s music walks a beautiful in-between spot: it reminds you of things you love (EyeHateGod, Crowbar, Weedeater and Buzzov●en) while sounding completely fresh and new. Mammoth Caravan’s music draws from the primordial well of southern sludge and doom metal but subtracts meandering and nonsense. The band relishes in the power of metal and their inertia is infectious. Mammoth Caravan injects energy and fun into downbeat music without losing power or ferocity.” – Justin Norton (Decibel Magazine)

“»Ice Cold Oblivion« show that the three gentlemen of Mammoth Caravan are ready to completely devour the world.” – White Room Reviews

“The 38 minutes of »Ice Cold Oblivion« make their primary impression in lumber, heft, and march. It’s ultimately to the trio’s credit that even on their first offering they’re able to look outside microgenre and work in aspects of different heavy styles.” – The Obelisk

“If you like Crowbar or Weedeater, then you will definitely like Mammoth Caravan. Mercilessly bone-crushing.” – Apocalyptic Rites

Brandon Ringo – Vocals/Bass
Robert Warner – Vocals/Guitar/Synth
Khetner Howton – Drums

Courtesy of ClawHammer PR

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