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Amon Acid premiere their sophomore full-length album »Cosmogony«! Coming out on November 18th via Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records!

Leeds, UK based psychedelic doom/space rock trio Amon Acid premiere their upcoming sophomore full-length album »Cosmogony« in full on 666MrDoom’s YouTube channel!

»Cosmogony« is set to release on November 18th, 2022 via Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records.

01. Parallel Realm
02. Hyperion
03. Death On The Altar
04. Demolition Wave
05. Nag Hammandi
06. Mandragoras
07. Demon Rider
08. Ethereal Mother
09. The Purifier

Courtesy of Helter Skelter Productions:

Helter Skelter Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) is proud to present Amon Acid’s highly anticipated second album, »Cosmogony«, on CD, double-vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from Leeds, UK, Amon Acid formed in 2018 to make psychedelic doom metal. It started as a bit of fun between two people, jamming at home, but after self-releasing their first EP, which received a positive response, it became a serious mission. Indeed, the core duo of Sarantis (originally from Athens) and Briony (from UK) are serious, and all it took was one listen to their debut album, »Paradigm Shift« – released in February 2021 by Helter Skelter to widespread acclaim – to convert unbelievers into fanatics, so hypnotically addicting was their sonic drug.

Now, arriving nearly two years later is a longer and even stronger full-length: »Cosmogony«. Indeed, the devil’s in the details here, as the title surely signals Amon Acid’s headspace across this stultifying 64-minute trip. While trace elements of their sturdy stoner doom remain, the now-power-trio expand their sound into far more cosmic realms, building up a psychedelic experience much closer to classic Hawkwind than, say, Electric Wizard. Truly, to get lost in »Cosmogony« is an easy feat, as each of these nine world-expanding/eating tracks wraps their purple-velvet wings around you and refuses to let go until the blacklight of your darkest soul turns on and burns out all the stars in your nearest vicinity. Or, perhaps a cursory read of some of the album’s song titles should show exactly what Amon Acid are about now and where they’re going: »Demolition Wave«, »Ethereal Mother«, »Demon Rider«, the very-telltale »Parallel Realm«, and especially the closing 11-minute epic »The Purifier«.

Massive, mesmerizing, and simply magnificent, »Cosmogony« handily eclipses the already-considerable heights of Paradigm Shift. But that paradigm has shifted yet more, and Amon Acid have now established themselves as space-rock titans with this ominous tome!

Pre-sale on Bandcamp:

Amon Acid are:
Sarantis Charvas – Guitar, Vocals
Briony Charvas – Bass
John Sutcliffe – Drums

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