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Australian doom/heavy metal band Lucifer’s Fall stream their final EP »Children Of The Night«, out now via Morbid And Miserable Records

Australian doom/heavy metal band Lucifer’s Fall has just released their final EP »Children Of The Night« on April 7th, 2023 via Morbid And Miserable Records.

Lucifer’s Fall is done, so lookout for a new project featuring Invocator, Cursed Priestess and The Hammer in 2023 and beyond!

01. Children Of The Night
02. Doom In The Grave
03. Fight With The Beast
04. Judgement Day
05. Lucifer’s Fall (2022 Version)

Courtesy of Morbid And Miserable Records:

For almost a decade Lucifer’s Fall stood as a cornerstone of doom metal in Australia. The most ancient of doom metal traditions provided the foundation of each song and the occasional injection of punk rock and NWOBHM ensured that the sound was unhinged. Eyes were opened, souls were corrupted, and eardrums were destroyed by their impressive body of work encompassing a number of splits, demos, EPs, and three full-length albums. Then in late 2022 the group announced that they were disbanding, moving on to new musical projects, and leaving their wicked legacy behind.

But before committing themselves to the grave Lucifer’s Fall has one last invocation: »Children Of The Night«. The band’s final EP sums up what they were able to accomplish by dragging listeners into the forbidden depths once more. »Children Of The Night« features four brand new songs as well as a revised rendition of the eponymous Lucifer’s Fall. This is their swan song and there is no holding back – each track is a hymn to the darkness, filled with the howling vocals, pounding rhythms, devilish leads, and fiendish energy that define the band’s profane style.

This is the end! Embrace it and the true spirit of doom! Recommended for fans of Reverend Bizarre, Saint Vitus and Cardinals Folly.

»Children Of The Night« is available from Morbid And Miserable Records on CD and digital platforms on April 7.

Order your copy here:

All lyrics by Deceiver.
Music for »Children Of The Night«, »Doom In The Grave« and »Fight With The Beast« by Invocator.
Music for »Judgement Day« by Deceiver & Invocator.
Music for »Lucifer’s Fall« by Deceiver.
Produced and mixed by The Hammer in his living room, 2022.
Drums and guitars recorded by The Hammer in late ’21 – mid ’22 at Mixmasters Studio, Hawthorndene SA.
Vocals recorded by Deceiver in The Dungeon, Aldinga SA.
Mastered in late ’22 by Owen Gillett at O.G. Mastering, Napperby SA.
Front cover artwork by Adrian B (Coven Illustración).

Deceiver – Vocals
Heretic – Rhythm Guitar
Invocator – Lead Guitar
Cursed Priestess – Bass
The Hammer – Drums

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