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Australian psychedelic stoner rock band Couch Wizard share a visualizer video for their new single »Fire«

Byron Bay, Australia based psychedelic stoner rock band Couch Wizard share a visualizer video for their new single »Fire«.

Says the band: “We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone is hard work has made the us happen Alain De Carne behind the mixing desk at Alleyway Studio bringing this song to its highest potential. Mastering by Richard Snowden. Artwork courtesy of the amazing ZulfajriMB. Canvas Visuals by Vadik Junior Baraghin.
And last but not least all the fans and listeners, without you none of this would be possible have a fiery day out there and blast the shit out of it!”

After a kiss from the flames of near death in early 2021, Couch Wizard frontman Oli was left with 2nd degree burns to his limbs, not knowing if he’d make a full recovery to shred another day. He asked and the Wizard answered. Ye, shall shred…

The bandages came off and the Wizards were back in the realms of creation, their 2nd studio release »Fire« was manifest. A myriad of chuggy riffs, bone rattling bass, and thundering vocals straight from the fiery depths.

The lyrics spell a tale of rage, love, trauma, depression, suicide and survival. Whilst the guitars, drums and bass penetrate the body mind and soul with cosmic resonance.

Haunted riffs from the grave! 4 piece Wizardry from the psychedelic hills of Bundjalung Country, Northern Rivers, New South Wales.

Couch Wizard’s ritual-like live set takes listeners on an eerie, theatrical journey through time and space. Slow, melodic, hanging intros followed by hard-hitting, heavy riffs seep into your soul, painting mystical scenes of smoky mountains and volcanic fury. The Wizards will have you believing an hour set is made up of only three songs, casting spells that distort your perception of time.

Turning stones and turning the stoned, healing the land through collective hands from the shadows.

Their entirely unique sound draws inspiration from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Sleep, Heavy Trip, and Hobo Magic.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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