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Australian sludge/doom metal band Isua released their debut album »Abandon«, out now via Crucible Art

Melbourne, Australia based sludge/doom metal band Isua presents their debut album, entitled »Abandon«, which was just released on June 2nd, 2023 via Crucible Art.

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01. Into The Mirror I
02. Into The Mirror II
03. Trench Mouth
04. Spiral & Dissolve
05. Life’s Worth
06. Departure

Courtesy of Crucible Art:

Bitter, discordant, and relentless; Isua’s debut full-length album »Abandon« is an ode to forfeited hope. An overwhelming sense of anguish is felt across the five tracks, delivered with a devastating load of grinding doom. Falling further from peace and succumbing to the despair of being pushed aside and left behind, »Abandon« serves as a cathartic release of resentment – an embrace of uncertainty.

Since the release of their debut EP »I« in late 2021, Isua have shown exponential growth in their sonic identity and unceasing work ethic. Turning heads with the fire-breathing two-track release and an impressive schedule of touring, quickly solidifying the Melbourne/Naarm five-piece as an indomitable force and one of the country’s most cherished heavy acts.

Photo by Dakota Gordon

Returning with their debut full-length, »Abandon«, a live-recorded journey through five tracks of despairing reflection, Isua display a level of musicianship and storytelling that is leaps and bounds forward, a testament to the band’s dedication to the craft and a culpable spirit within. Beginning with the epic two-part opener »Into The Mirror«, Isua’s familiar style of grinding-doom is layered upon and expanded with ominous clean guitars, psychedelic solos, hypnotic, machine-like drum patterns and an even more ferocious, double vocal attack than ever before. The live production of »Abandon« adds a new, almost physical element in itself, putting the listener in the centre of the space that Isua create. Following tracks »Trench Mouth« & »Spiral & Dissolve« continue this theme of push/pull, ebb/flow, like anxious thoughts passing through the mind in a meditative state.

Spearheaded by two singles, the first, »Life’s Worth«, a showcase of Isua’s more melodic and patient side, twisting and turning through passages akin to walking a lonesome forest path. The second single »Departure«, the album’s closer, hits like an axe to the skull. These singles present a glimpse of »Abandon« as a whole, an immersive listen from start to finish, preferably in a dark room and a will to join Isua in their embrace of uncertainty and release of resentment, in this colossal and cathartic meditation.

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All songs and lyrics written and arranged by Isua.
Contributions by Ben Kerr on »Into the Mirror II« & »Trench Mouth«.
Recorded live at Beveridge Road Studios August 2022.
Recorded & mixed by Mike Deslandes.
Mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio.
Cover photography by Alex Meagher.
Studio photography by Jayden Hauptberger.
Live photography by James Gough.

Isua is:
Mikey – Vocals, Noise
Dharma – Guitar, Noise
Dom – Guitar
Patto – Bass, Vocals
Geeks – Drums

Indigenous sovereignty was never ceded. This record was created on stolen land.

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