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Belgian noise post-rockers Sonic Tides sign with Epictronic to reissue »Six Sided Square – 6th« EP!

Liège, Belgium based noise post-rock band Sonic Tides has signed with Epictronic Records for reissue of their EP, »Six Sided Square – 6th«, which will se the light on October 13th, 2023.

Watch the band’s latest music video for »Insomnia« below!

Courtesy of Carlo Bellotti Publishing:

Belgian noise post-rockers Sonic Tides have officially signed a record deal with Epictronic for the reissue of their EP, »Six Sided Square – 6th«. The EP is scheduled for a re-release on October 13th, 2023, and will be available to fans worldwide. This exciting collaboration between Sonic Tides and Epictronic promises to bring their mesmerizing blend of noise rock, stoner rock, and psychedelic influences to a broader audience.

Sonic Tides have captivated listeners with their unique musical style, which transports them through a sonic journey immersed in hypnotizing harmonies and a darkly atmospheric landscape. Their progressive and intricate song structures, filled with rhythmic and harmonic changes, demonstrate the band’s profound understanding of their craft. With this partnership, Sonic Tides aims to push the boundaries of their creativity and reach new heights within the post-rock genre.

Photo by Gaux

To get a taste of Sonic Tides’entrancing sound, check out the official music video for »Insomnia«. The animated music video is a visual representation of their sonic tapestry and showcases the band’s artistic vision and musical prowess, making it a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

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