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Blackoutt presents their new album »Madman«, the final piece of a trilogy called »Behind The Culture Of A Madman«

Slovenian instrumental grunge/stoner/punk band Blackoutt presents their new album »Madman«, the final piece of a trilogy called »Behind The Culture Of A Madman«.

»Madman« was released digitally on October 22th, 2021 and is available now via Bandcamp.

01. Nails
02. Empty M
03. Abortion Marmelade
04. Heroin Shower
05. Hellvis
06. Tulio Dugout

Recorded at Trainstation Studio in Kranj, Slovenia.
Mixed by James Atkinson in London, UK.
Synth sounds on »Nails« by Laren Polič.
Spoken word and poetry on »Heroin Shower« by Sophie Burton.

After the release of the second album »The Cluture Of« in 2018, Blackoutt lost the guitarist and then the bassist, the lifeline for the band became the brothers Andrea and Marco Abbrescia from the Italian alternative rock band TSO, who immediately jumped in and learned the repertoire in a shamelessly short time to hit the stages again. Since 2018, the band has done a lot of shows in Slovenia, has been invited to festivals abroad, and they have even toured Europe twice.

During this period of cooperation, the new album »Madman« was created. Klemen and his brother Tomaž Čepar, who are originally permanent members of the band, had most of the things ready for the new record, Marco and Andrea helped them to realize it along the way. They were aware that the Abrescia brothers are just guests musicians in Blackoutt because on the other hand, they have their own band TSO to which they would return sooner or later.

Due to the situation and the pandemic regime at the Italian-Slovenian border, the Čepar brothers became estranged and have been dormant ever since, but with serious intention to get the band back on its feet and start playing shows early next year. Despite their current one-year hiatus, they were very creative and flooded with new ideas for the next album.

Blackout is currently looking for a solo guitarist and would be very grateful for any help in order to spread the word.

»Madman« was recorded at the Trainstation Studio in Kranj, Slovenia and mixed by James Atkinson in London, UK. The band states that this was not the best move, as it was difficult to work remotely through various social networks. The next album will most likely be mixed closer to their home, so there could be a personal contact.

The album is full of explosive heavy riffs, noise, stoner doom, punk, and even poetry. »Madman« is a mixture of subconscious ideas, inadvertently created riffs and realized as a personal project, most of the tracks they will most likely not play live, except »Empty M« and »Abortion«. For those two songs they also created experimental videos, which can be watched on YouTube.

As a guest musician on this album Laren Polič came with his atmospheric psychedelic synth sounds, which can be heard on the opening track, called »Nails«.

»Heroin Shower« is a very special and uncharacteristic track for Blackoutt, which includes the poetry of Sophie Burton and ended up on the album by chance.

The first part of the track features spoken word poetry by Sophie Burton, while in the second part you can hear some vocals by guitarist Klemen Čepar. As an instrumentalist he did not want to record them through a microphone, but recorded them through guitar magnets. You can hear the hysterical screaming of the guitar in the last part of »Heroin Shower«.

Line-up on »Madman«:
Klemen Čepar – Guitar
Marco Abbrescia – Bass
Andrea Abbrescia – Guitar
Tomaž Čepar – Drums

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